How Love My Mat Was Born & The Yoga Practice Strap

I originally started Love My Mat in 2009 with one product - Love My Mat 100% Organic 

Love My Mat is a Canadian Yoga CompanyYoga Mat Cleaner. In 2010 I rented a small 5' x 10' booth space at the Toronto Yoga Show to sell my mat cleaner, but I knew I needed something more to sell. That's when I approached my mom and asked her to be my business partner.

My mom has been sewing since she was 11 years old and has made everything from Halloween costumes to wedding dresses and baby blankets to mascot suits. I wanted to make a simple yoga mat bag to sell at the Yoga Show and wanted our bags to be special - so we decided to make them using reclaimed fabric. The first bag we made was from an old curtain from my aunt's house. We both said, "Oh, that's really nice." And we've been saying that about every bag & product we've made since.

Since of first yoga show we've added lots more products made from reclaimed fabric, and we're always working on new ways to help you with your yoga & meditation practice.

The product I'm loving most right now is our Practice Strap. We make our straps with 8 layers of fabric so they are really easy to hold onto and super sturdy. We always make our straps at least 8' long, as 6' is often not long enough to help you hold bound poses. We try to choose softer cotton fabric with vibrant, fun or gentle prints so you'll love how your strap feels and looks. As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I believe this is the most versatile prop you can own. And for under $30. How awesome is that?

Recently, we added a Loop Strap. This is the same as our regular 8' long Practice Straps, but we've added a reinforced loop at the opposite end of the d-rings. This way you can have 2 loops at once if needed, or easily grab for your foot when you might not be able to reach it.

If you're unsure of the amazing benefits of Practice Straps, here are some great poses and exercises you can do.

Bound Angle Pose

Shoulder Flossing

Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose

You can see more poses and read about how to do these on
Or as always, feel free to email me with any specific questions and I'll be happy to help you as much as I can.

Love these straps and want to use them for your home yoga practice? You can get your own from our website now for $2 off. Just use the code "STRAP2" when you're checking out.

Much love & gratitude,

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Love my mat for reals!

Love my new Avani sit set! Excellent quality and very comfortable!! My cats love it tooo!

Avani sandbag

I love my new Avani sandbag. It is especially great for adding traction on my sacrum in child’s pose.

Vasanta Bolster & Sitting Pretty Pillow

Beautiful and excellent craftsmanship. No regrets.

Recent YOGA items

LOVE 'EM!! I find that I can get into my 'zen' space quicker when I'm not fidgeting to get my knees, back and hands 'just so'. Breathing is deeper; relaxation is quicker and body feels great! Thank you for these products.

I’ve not yet received my bolster...

My bolster has not yet arrived.

Hi Susan,
I'm sorry to hear your bolster hasn't arrived yet. Shipping from Canada to the US has been taking longer than expected due to Covid. If you don't receive it within a week - please reach out and we'll see what we can do.