Summer has finally arrived in Southern Ontario and oh how lovely it is! Whether your summer months have just arrived or you've been enjoying them for a while, the summer weather can enhance your Yoga Practice. How you ask? Well, let me share some ideas with you.

Create a Backyard Oasis in One Simple StepBackyard Yoga For Summer Yoga with Love My Mat Canada
Take your yoga mat or a blanket out into your backyard, lay it out and lay down. That's it! You're already doing yoga. You can do a spontaneous flow practice or simply explore some Cat / Cow movements, followed by Upward Dog to Downward Dog.

Play in the Park
Many yoga studios offer free or PWYC Yoga Classes in local parks during the summer. It's a great way to discover new teachers, meet new people and feel connected with your community at little to no expense.

Sun Salutation for Summer Yoga Routine

Rise with the Sun
Perhaps you can develop a morning yoga routine this summer? You can rise with the sun and practice 3 - 8 Sun Salutations. Then sit cross legged for 3 - 5 minutes of meditation. This is a powerful combination that will only take a maximum of 12 minutes. Start everyday right with some mindful movement and quiet contemplation. 



Feel the Breeze
If you have a regular home yoga practice, do it with the windows open. The fresh air brings in new energy or prana to your home and your practice. You'll also hear the benefits of birds singing your praises for taking care of yourself.

Use All Your Senses
When you're outside, there is a lot of energy around you. Use all of your senses to help you stay present, which will enhance your yoga practice. I've listed some things you might want to pay attention to while practicing yoga outside.

  • feel the earth under your hands & feet
  • feel the breeze on your skin
  • listen to the sound of the wind
  • hear the birds singing or squirrels chasing each other
  • smell the fresh cut grass or blooming flowers
  • look up to see the vast, open sky
  • feel a sense of opening and having no limitations without walls or ceilings surrounding you
  • taste the freshness of the summer air

Practicing yoga outside can be a wonderful experience. Not being contained by walls helps you to see the larger picture of life, knowing that there are no limits to what you can achieve. Feel a connection with your community and the universal community. As you breathe, know that the energy & prana you are absorbing has also been inhaled and exhaled by every living being on this earth. Such a powerful feeling to know you are always connected.

Now go and yoga!

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