I’ve heard of CBD for a while now. I was always curious, but didn’t think about trying it until a couple of months ago. As someone who smokes pot a couple times a week, I didn’t think CBD would have any noticeable benefits.

Was I ever wrong.

I started taking Bodega’s Rejuvinate CBD oil every day in early June 2020.

Rejuvenate with CBD

The package says to take 0.5ml three times per day. But I’m a little thrifty, so I decided to start by taking 0.5ml just once per day for 30 days to test it out.

I take it every morning before I have my first cup of hot water.
I measure out the CBD oil in the provided dropper, then squeeze it out under my tongue and let it sit for a few seconds before swallowing it.

At first I didn’t love the taste, it’s fairly earthy and a little thick. It reminds me of Hemp Seed Oil which I used to take after the birth of my first son. Although hemp Seed Oil has a stronger nutty, earthy flavour with a slightly more bitter taste.

SIDE NOTE: I used to give Hemp Seed Oil to my 3 month old mashed up with some avocado. It was the first thing Wallace ever ate and he loved it! I remember at the time thinking, “he’s not going to like this.” But he did.

Bodega’s CBD Oil has a much more mild flavour and it’s one I’ve come to love, almost crave. When it comes to new routines, it often takes me a while to remember to do it daily. It's not unlikely that within the first few weeks, I forget at least once a week.  However, I’ve had no trouble remembering to take my dose of CBD Oil every single day since starting in June. Not once have I missed it.

I think it’s because my body & brain know what I need.
And they won’t let me forget it.

You see, CBD oil is known to have some amazing benefits for brain health.
CBD oil helps to protect the brain from diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and not only to protect existing cells in the brain, but generate new cells. Basically CBD oil helps prevent free radical damage.

Free radical damage? What’s that, right?
I had to look it up but am so happy I did.

Because I can’t explain it as well as Stanford Scientists, I’m sharing a portion of an article from Stephanie Liou
( https://hopes.stanford.edu/author/stephanie-liou/ 

CBD Oil and Free Radicals CBD fights free radicals


The more research I do, the more amazing benefits I’ve been learning about. But let's get back to my personal experience on how CBD is helping me. 


    I suffer from severe mood swings between 5 – 7 days every month. For about a week or so each month I'm unapproachable, short-tempered and pretty bitchy all around. But for the last two months, my bad moods have been much more manageable. I feel more like my usual self… the self that is present for the other 25-ish days of each month.

    I’ve also had less severe cramps. They weren’t ever terrible, but bad enough that I’d have to sit down and take some deep breaths a few times a day. It's been a relief to not experience cramping these last couple months.

    CBD & PMS


    I’ve had a good nightly routine for the last 5-6 months, so falling asleep is usually pretty easy for me. However, in the last couple months I’ve noticed that I wake up less often during the night, sleep more soundly and wake up feeling a little more alert.

    Perhaps its because my brain in repairing itself more at night with the help of CBD oil?

    CBD & Sleep


      This improved within a couple weeks of starting to take CBD oil.
      There isn’t a lot of scientific proof that CBD can increase one’s libido, but I don’t need the scientific proof. I have the physical proof. I want to have sex now. I’ve been craving it again, which hasn’t happened since before the birth of our first son, Wallace. He’s 6 and a half.

      Perhaps it is due to CBD helping to ease my anxiety surrounding body image? Or that it's reducing my exhaustion from mental stress? I can’t say exactly, but I can say I’m loving it.  

      CBD and Sex


        Outside of PMS I do experience some bad mood swings - I’m an emotional person. I’m highly sensitive to the energy of others, my surroundings and the slightest change in plans or expectations.

        This may go along with CBD’s ability to help reduce anxiety, but I'm definitely noticing a difference. I find I can pivot between tasks with ease, or handle things going differently than expected without completely falling apart. I also don’t yell at my sons or husband as often. 

        But more importantly, I’m more aware of my mood swings or when I need some alone time. I am better at articulating what I need and why I need it - both with myself and with my family.

         CBD & Mood Swings


        There have been a couple occasions where I’ve taken an extra dose in one day. If I’m feeling stressed or anxious, if I am worried about something or just feel I’m loosing my temper. I’ll pull out the little bottle, put the drops under my tongue, hold then swallow. In those few seconds, I can already feel the negative energy starting to melt away.

        For the last couple days I've taken another dose of CBD before bed and my sleep has been very sound. I've slept like a hibernating bear. When I wake up in the morning, I'm surprised it's time to get up because I usually wake up at least once each night. I haven't been taking it long enough at night to know for sure that it's making a difference... but I'm pretty sure if I continue to take it, I'll continue to sleep better.

        I'm giving CBD an A+ for overall wellness.
        I'm loving how it's helping me in so many aspect of my life and excited to see how it will continue to support me on my wellness journey.

        CBD can be a great addition to your current wellness routines.
        It’s a great partner in strengthening our brains and improving our moods when coupled with restorative yoga or a regular meditation practice. We recommend pairing one of our meditation accessories or even a yoga bolster with with Rejuvinate CBD oil to help you find the calm, and keep the calm.

        Leave a comment below if you have any questions or new info you think we should know!
        xo Shelley xo



        Natalie said:

        Thanks for sharing your experience!

        GInger Balson said:

        Hi Shelley! I take no meds and have wonderfully good health. I find myself having mild indigestion and gas after eating these crazy days. I am sure it is a manifestation of my stress level being higher than myth normal. I have read about CBD oil helping . I want to try it! Do you still have some and may I come and get it at your shop?
        Kisses! And I Love my masks!

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