After a whole year of strange, we’re entering a whole new area of unknown. Some areas are opening up, while others move into a new lockdown. It’s been a long year, and there is finally some light in sight for things to ease up in the future, even if we don’t know exactly when or what that looks like.

It can be hard to allow yourself to get your hopes up, and many might be feeling post-lockdown anxiety, or for others, feeling the challenging emotions that come with yet-another lockdown.

Despite the psychological stress that has been taking its toll - we are encouraging ourselves, and you to find ways to invite a little spring into our step with the new season.

Create a Routine or Ritual

In a world of uncertainty, having a sense of routine can provide some much-needed structure and predictability into our days. Something as simple as a morning routine with tongue scraping, a glass of lemon water, and a few mindful breaths, or maybe an evening wind down with a meditation and making use of an eye pillow can make a huge difference in how you feel. A cup of tea can provide a sense of comfort as you journal or meditate.

morning mindful ritual with tea

Try Something New

Is there something new you’ve always wanted to try? Trying something new can create that sense of excitement in a safe way - maybe its a new style of movement (hello - using sandbags to incorporate weight) or a new hobby such as crocheting or learning a new language.

Shift Your Energy

Take moments throughout your day to check in with yourself and your inner energy. If you are feeling anxious, offer yourself a practice to help slow everything down - sit down for a meditation, yin or restorative yoga practice, take a nap, curl up on your couch with a hot beverage and read a book or watch a movie. If you are feeling slow and sluggish - invite an energizing yoga practice, go for a walk, try some invigorating breathwork, or throw a dance party in your kitchen.

mindful walk outside

Get Outside + Enjoy the Season

Even a short walk around the block, bringing our awareness to the outer world reminds us that we’re connected to nature and the larger world around us, even when it might not feel like it. Enjoy all the things that come along with Spring - the new life and plant growth, the smell of the air after a rain fall, warmer days and more sunshine, flowers, and more energy.

    Give Yourself Grace

    Be kind to yourself. Everyone is navigating these times in different ways. You can try suggestions of what is working for others, but ultimately you need to trust  yourself and do what is right for you and your loved ones.

    Meditation Ritual

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