The people in our lives our dedicated, they work hard, and more often than not, they need some encouragement to take the time to care for themselves. While not everyone in your life is a yogi,  we’ve created a gift guide to help you let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. These gifts are beautiful additions to their homes and lives, with a small ecological footprint. You never know, your gift could be the perfect introductory step towards yoga and mindfulness! 

The holidays can be stressful enough, without worrying about gift ideas. Yoga Practice or not, we’ve broken down our best gift suggestions for your loved ones:

The one hustling for their dreams, working their tail-end off, but forgets to look after themselves first. An Eye Pillow and a bottle of calming Lavender Oil - the perfect way to say thank you to your kid’s teachers, or to support an entrepreneur, corporate employee, your co-workers - anyone who needs the reminder that self-care is crucial for success. 

Okay, maybe this one is for all of us!

For the busy parent in your life, the extra-curricular junkie, the eclectic aunt who is jet-set everywhere (and always forgetting something). Offer them a sense of grounding with our Calm Practice Oil, and a Classic Mat Bag to encourage them to get to the studio.

Let’s define “athlete” loosely here - whether it’s your niece who runs varsity track, or your Dad who plays pickup hockey. Heck, whoever does the yardwork could use this extra love! Muscles get sore and they need recovery...and hydration. Enter our Therapy Bags and Pure Copper Water Bottle.

For the friend or family member that prefers to stay home with a good book, a movie, or their meditation. What better gift than to allow them to cozy up and zen out with a Zabuton and Sitting Pretty Pillow Sit Set, and a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

We all have the friend who loves to host. They’re dedicated to making sure everyone has a good time and is fed well - and they knock it out of the ballpark every time! They make sure everyone has a seat and are often stuck with cleaning up the mess. Show your gratitude with a Sitting Pretty Pillow (for extra seating with a modern bohemian flair) and our Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner which is strong enough to kill 99% of bacteria, but gentle enough to spray directly on your skin.

Because we all know one - or are one. You can’t go wrong here! Support their practice with Knee Pillows, Mat Cleaner for all the use their mat is getting, and a Classic Mat Bag for getting to and from the studio.

Still not sure what to get the loved ones if your life? Feel free to come into our shop during our new shop hours in December or send us an email to

Happy Holidays!

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