Our Sisterhood and Sustainability feature for March, is METTAMADE - a slow fashion brand by mother-daughter team Carol Davies and Morgan MacDonald based in Hamilton, Ontario.

With beautiful designs, and an environmentally and socially conscious focus they are a business that we admire. Shelley recently purchased the Amara jumpsuit and it quickly became a staple in her wardrobe.

As another mother-daughter team with a mindful business, we were inspired to get to know more about the people and vision behind METTAMADE. Here is our interview with Carol and Morgan.

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LMM: You’ve called yourselves METTAMADE, inspired by the style of Buddhist Meditation, practicing loving kindness. Can you speak about the ways in which you bring this into your business?

MM: We practice loving-kindness within our business in several ways. Most notably is the size-inclusivity of our styles. We aim to offer something for everyone - for all bodies. Our sizing ranges from a traditional XS to 5XL because we feel that everyone deserves access to good-quality and sustainable clothing. We also opted for a more environmentally friendly fabric (Bamboo jersey) and we utilize our scrap fabrics for accessories, setting the intention to practice loving kindness towards the Earth and the environment.

LMM: Tell us a bit more about the design of your pieces. We love the sustainability of bamboo, why did you choose to work with a bamboo material?

MM: We love working with 95% Rayon from Bamboo and 5% Spandex because it’s extremely soft on the skin and provides enough stretch to move in. We knew we wanted to work with a natural fibre and more sustainable material.  We love that Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly with little water. Bamboo fabric is also naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and biodegradable. It’s great for those of us who have sensitive skin. We feel that working with a material like Bamboo, aligns with our ethos of practicing loving kindness towards the human body and the environment. We also feel that our conscious designs, paired with soft and stretchy Bamboo/Spandex jersey practices loving-kindness towards a more diverse range of body types as well.

LMM: Your designs are size inclusive and designed with all bodies in mind - what is your inspiration for the design and what are some of the key features?

MM: Our designs aim to be size-inclusive, offering styles that move freely with the body and adapt to the body that may change throughout the course of a day, a month or year(s). Our inspiration came from our desire to make clothing that was timeless in style and adaptive to a fluctuating body, and as a result, more sustainable. Our styles do tend to be of a more relaxed fit but with attention to style and shape, so that individuals feel comfortable and stylish wearing our clothing.

The METTAMADE Gemstone Size Guide reflects the fact that like gemstones, each body is unique and beautiful.

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LMM: Love My Mat is a mother-daughter team so we are always excited to chat with other teams like this. What inspired you to start a business together and what continues to inspire you to work together?

MM: We have always been very close, and very similar in the way that we work and communicate. We both work hard, have a deep sense of compassion for others and want to do good in this world. This business began as a passion project because we initially wanted to make a jumpsuit that adapted to a fluctuating body (inspired by my journey through ED recovery). We enjoyed the result and process so much and discovered a community of individuals that loved our clothing and appreciated what we were working towards. This passion project brought us closer together and made us feel like we were making a difference. We knew that this project was worth going after, because it brings us happiness.

LMM: How do you make yourself a part of and engage with community as a business?

MM: As a small business with a passion for inclusivity and sustainability, we work hard to support businesses with whom share the same values and ethos. Hamilton has been a very welcoming city to us, and we have been grateful to build relationships with other compassionate womxn-run businesses/organizations. We are passionate about collaborating with other   businesses, because it leads to increased growth and wellbeing of our community. Whether we realize it or not, we are all connected.

LMM: Do you have a favourite yoga pose or prop, or a meditation style that you can share with our readers?

Morgan: I love child’s pose because it’s always there for you if you need it. It’s something you can depend on to restore your breath and regulate any distracting thoughts.

Carol: I like child’s pose myself, because it’s relaxing J I also like corpse pose/savasana because it feels good and it’s a nice way to end a movement practice.

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METTAMADE empowers humans to feel good and look good, by equipping them with a quality, stylish and comfortable wardrobe that flexes with them at any moment in life. Their clothing is produced in small-batch and handmade to order, locally and ethically, using Bamboo/Spandex jersey. METTAMADE’s clothing is designed with all bodies in mind and each piece is simple in form, yet versatile in function. They are inspired to create clothing that exudes quality, style and compassion towards the soft, strong and fluctuating human form.

Their fashion is driven by their mission to live and create mindfully and with Metta ("loving-kindness”).

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