Congratulations and welcome to Leo Season!

Well we made it through the emotionally charged weeks during the Sun’s passage through Cancer. The pair of eclipses plus a whole lotta planets stationed retrograde only added to the intense energy being felt. 

Hopefully you took some time to recharge and replenish (ideally near water!) with loved ones. Family time and water play come naturally during Cancer Season and are especially nourishing. Maybe you even had a couple of good cries, which totally count as water therapy! The astrological tone for the next month is much lighter and brighter and encourages us to open our hearts to joy and to get playful! Think of this time as a cosmic recess!

Leo Season begins on July 22nd and takes us through to August 23, 2019

Take that vacation, start a new class, go on a romantic getaway or follow through with something you’ve said you always wanted to try.

Leo is the sign linked to the Heart and Solar Plexus, is associated with the Lion and ruled by the Sun. All these connections ask us to bravely seek out and perform activities that allow us to be our truest selves. Take that vacation, start a new class, go on a romantic getaway or follow through with something you’ve said you always wanted to try. Aside from all the fun you’ll be having, your vibration will also get a pump up. When our hearts and bodies are tuned into feelings of joy, lightness and love, there are all kinds of residual benefits like: 

Our confidence soars

We feel and behave more authentically 

We enjoy a greater sense of well-being

Increased desire to follow our dreams 

Last month during Cancer Season I highlighted a couple heavenly happenings to tune into and I’ve done the same for this month:

Grand Fire Trine on Tuesday, July 23rd - Elevated confidence, creativity, flow, and harmony should make for a productive day!

A Grand Trine is an astrological aspect or relationship between three planets, basically forming an equilateral triangle in the sky. As you can see from the chart image below, on the 23rd, Mars is in Leo, Jupiter is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Aries, all 120 degrees apart and in all three of the fire element signs of the zodiac. So what does a Grand Fire Trine mean for you? According to Astrologer and Writer Molly Hall, A Grand Fire Trine represents active inspiration, bold creativity, enthusiasm, and pride. And since Mars is the planet of motivation, Jupiter is about expansion and seeing the bigger picture and the Moon is our feelings, applying these energies towards an important project, task or desire will come more easily today.

I leave it up to you to decide whether this looks like a long term payoff such as redesigning your website or clearing out the basement or if you opt instead for the shorter term satisfaction of going shopping or making a meal from scratch. Either way, the confidence, creativity, flow, and harmony of this Grand Fire Trine shape should make for a productive day!

Leo Season Signs align

Waning Crescent Moon Squaring Neptune on Sunday, July 28thUse a morning meditation or yoga session to tap into your spiritual side rather than let anxious feelings colour the rest of your day. 

Last month I broke down the lunar cycle into either waxing or waning phases and this month I wanted to address which phases are Yin and which are Yang. The graphic below illustrates this for us and can even be a useful guide for all you yogis out there discerning which style of yoga to practice and when throughout the month.* 

*I recommend that you ultimately follow your own inner teacher on what type of yoga to do and when. Your body’s intuition, energy level and breath will always trump an external guide. Using the Yin/Yang lunar phases can act as a simple support when you just aren’t sure how you want your body to feel and move.

Moon Cycle in Leo

On Sunday the 28th the Moon in the Waning Crescent phase is associated with Yin energy. Being paired with a square aspect to Neptune, the planet of intuition, dreams and imagination makes it a great day to sleep in or to drop into a more reflective state. Neptune is topped in a foggy, nebulous, cloud-like veil and you yourself may wake up on this day and feel foggy, nebulous and cloud-like. Use a morning meditation or yoga session to tap into your spiritual side rather than let anxious feelings colour the rest of your day. 

Tuning inward will also help us to prepare for the upcoming New Moon happening a few days later on July 31st. It is a great time to consider all that came about since the July 2nd New Moon and Solar Eclipse, what we want to acknowledge and release and what we want to carry on and take up a level over the next lunar cycle. Ultimately, the Waning Crescent phase is a great time to rest and restore.

Mercury Enters Leo on Sunday, August 11th - Get ready to experience a shift in how we communicate. From emotion-fueled to ego-fueled.

The last day I’d like to highlight over Leo Season is August 11th. Mercury going retrograde was one of the heavenly happenings I discussed in my first Lunar and Astrological Influences blog and I wanted to circle back to it in this next post. Even though Mercury will no longer be retrograde beyond August 1st, it will still be moving through its shadow in the sign Cancer until the 11th. (you can read more about the shadow phases here:

I think Mercury’s shift from the sign Cancer to Leo is an important one to point out. Cancer is greatly influenced by sensitivity and emotions which may have come across in our communications during the retrograde period.

This extra emotional tone to our expression shouldn’t be judged as good or bad - just something to be aware of. Same goes once Mercury is in Leo. Added awareness of how we can bring confidence and authenticity to our speech, texts, emails and other correspondence is great. Equally important is the awareness of our ego, pride and selfishness and how they may surface during the same exchanges. All these mentioned qualities are Leo in nature. Remember, we don’t need to be born under the sign of the Lion to feel its influence. 

During the weeks ahead, encourage yourself to pause and feel the Sun’s light and warmth on your skin. Welcome in that energy beyond just the physical sense. Be the Queen or King of your life and experience how putting out joyful, brave and warm vibes can transform your future, beyond the Season of the Lion. 

May you feel more reunited in aligning with the sky above and smile whenever you look up.


Rachel Gibson of MoonMaven

P.S. You can head to the movies and check out The Lion King to get even more in touch with your inner Simba! Just love the timing!

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