I am so very excited to introduce you to my friend, Sarah Barnhart of My Dad & Me Everyday Ornaments for September's Sisterhood & Sustainability feature. Sarah's infectious spirit, dedication to bettering her community and love of mindful movement makes her one of my favourite people. 
We love going for walks and talking all things social justice, healthy living and parenthood. Sarah has taught me much about anti-racism work, respecting my body and how to deal with anxiety with a sense of humour. I love her and all the work she does and I hope you do too.
Here's a little more about Sarah in her own words.
Sarah Barnhart
LMM: Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?
Sarah: I am a mama, maker at My Dad and Me Everyday Ornaments, mindful movement teacher, social justice activist in the ways I am able, creator of Mixed in Hamilton, an Instagram page and community for mixed race people to connect and share our unique stories and experiences and manager of my own anxiety. Just a human on a mission to make the world a little better in whatever tiny way I can. 
LMM: How do you like working with your dad?
Sarah: I feel incredibly grateful to be able to work with my dad. Grateful that he puts up with me. Most of the time it’s great. Some of the time it’s difficult, like when we both want things done a certain way and it’s not the same way or when he goes rogue. My Virgo nature has trouble with that...but he’s a Virgo too sooo?!  I do feel/know that I am incredibly lucky! 
LMM: Where do you source your wood?
Sarah: A few different places. My dad had a hand carved sign company when I was young and he still has many of the contacts from that time. We also have wood sourced by friends and family and try to use reclaimed when we are able. 
Birch Wood Coasters by My Dad & Me Everyday Ornaments
LMM: Where do you draw inspiration from?
Sarah: My inspiration comes from everywhere, interior design/decorating trends, tattoos, fashion and just things that strike me as interesting or beautiful. 
LMM: What's your fav yoga pose? 
Sarah: Extended Side Angle in my practice for the sense of grounding and expansion at the same time. In my teaching I just like to move a little and breathe a lot. Slow stretchy exploration of where you are at moment to moment, breath to breath, without a sense of right or wrong and without judgement. Just being in relationship with your being. 
Real Talk Blocks by My Dad & Me Everyday Ornaments and Pretty Grit
LMM: I love this new product concept you've been working on. Can you tell us some more info about Real Talk Blocks
Sarah: Real Talk Blocks are a collaboration with Pretty Grit in Hamilton that address the importance of starting challenging conversations about racism, privilege and oppression present in systems of white supremacy, how we may be upholding these systems and ways in which we can start doing the life long work of dismantling these systems to help create a more equitable world. The idea that these conversations need to start at home and in our communities and from there can ripple out into the world to create lasting change. It may not be easy but it is necessary. 
We are not professional anti-racist educators but we recognize the need for systemic change and the potential barriers standing in the way of these changes. Real Talk Blocks come with reflection questions included to get the tough conversations started. Available online and in store at Pretty Grit. 20% of proceeds go to support the work at the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion.
You can shop My Dad & Me Everyday Ornament's website and read their full origin story here.
Sarah & Bob of My Dad & Me Everyday Ornaments
My favourite product from My Dad & Me Everyday Ornaments is their Phone Holders. I didn't know I needed one until I had one. They are the prettiest little pieces of wood with unique, hand burnt designs and the perfect cut out to hold your phone or tablet. They make cooking from online recipes 100% easier. They are great for zoom meetings so you can have your hands free. And I often rest my phone in it while listening to my favourite Spotify playlist.
I asked Sarah to make a special edition Love My Mat Phone Holder. I LOVE what she and her dad did! These are now for sale on our website BUT... we are giving them away for FREE this September when you spend over $200. No code required - we just want to gift you with one of our favourite things.
Teak Wood Phone Holder
We only have a limited number of these available, so when they're gone, they're gone. You can purchase yours here, or get yours free when you spend over $200 on all the tools you need for a Slow September.
We hope you take the time to explore Sarah's website and Instagram accounts at My Dad & Me  and Mixed In Hamilton for inspiration. We love Sarah, and are thrilled to share her work with our community. We know you will love her too! 
Much love & gratitude,
xo Shelley xo
September 02, 2020 — Shelley Gordon

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