November 2020's Sisterhood & Sustainability Feature Business is Siddhiwear!

I first met Stacey at The Toronto Yoga Show & Conference in 2017. Her booth was cozy and inviting - just like her toques! I instantly fell in love with the fit and feel of the Stretch Siddhi Toque and now it's my favourite hat for Fall, Winter & Spring.

We're excited to introduce you to Siddhiwear by offering their superior quality bamboo toques in our three favourite colours - Plum - Light Grey - Heather Blue. Stacey's energy and enthusiasm for yoga & sustainability make her and her business one that we all love and appreciate. We hope that you do too!

Sustainable Yoga Toques and Yoga Gifts

LMM: Siddhi is Sanskrit with meanings of success, accomplishment and perfection, being manifested as a by product of spiritual practice. Why did this name call to you?

STACEY: The name Siddhiwear was the first name that came to me, and it felt like a perfect fit right away. One of my favourite books of all time (which was required reading in YTT) was Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, and was the first time I’d really heard about Siddhi’s. I think I’ve always been drawn to the ethereal, magic, even sci fi….and these stories really blew my mind. And at the same time, how personal spiritual power beyond the ‘sideshow’ ones like levitation and bilocating etc could also be cultivated.  

On a completely base level, I loved the alliteration of Siddhi with City - the idea of having a busy urban life and maybe we could all use some Siddhi’s to survive it. Live in a city? You need a Siddhi! (or two, or three….especially now!!)

LMM: Can you tell us about the sustainability of Oeko-Tex Certified Bamboo?

STACEY: Oeko-Tex Certification was very important to me. We make everything with Bamboo, and actually not all bamboo is eco friendly. We obviously don’t grow Bamboo grass in Canada but I loved how sustainable bamboo can be… grows super fast, requires little irrigation, uses no pesticides and I loved the feel of the fabric (it’s soft as silk) and I wanted it to be as eco friendly as possible. The Oeko-Tex standard makes sure that the fabric is tested for harmful substances, including ones that aren’t even regulated.

Sustainable Bamboo for yoga wear

LMM: Your bamboo apparel is made to be moved in, in different climates - tell us about the versatility of your collection.

STACEY: Versatility of Clothes. I wanted to be able to wear clothes out in the world, and then head right into a studio to take a class, maybe add a layer for warmth and then back out into the world again. I also didn’t want to wear a big brand label to class either. I remember 20 years ago being in a yoga class and looking around and seeing 95% of the students wearing the exact same label… at first I actually thought it was the studio uniform then realized it was just trendy. I’ve never wanted to wear what everyone was wearing anyway and that was part of my inspiration!

Our Stretch Siddhi Toque was the first item of clothing we made….I personally could NOT find an adult hat that wasn’t made out of an itchy wool or acrylic knit. Unless you’re a baby or toddler… they’re just not available. I love that this hat can be worn slouchy, or rolled up and more ‘beanie’ like… I can throw my hair in a bun or top knot and the hat still fits. It can be worn under a bike helmet too, so your ears stay warm. Many of our customers (and lots of my friends and family) with medical hair loss love them cause they’re light and breathable and they’re not itchy especially if you’re going through chemo treatment, as if you’re not uncomfortable enough. I pretty much live in this toque and the harem pants which is a whole other blog! :-)

Bamboo Yoga Toques and Sustainable Yoga

LMM: What is your favourite thing about your business?

STACEY: My favourite thing about my business is - well two favourite things.

First, getting to work with my brother who’s my business partner and my best bud… and now that we have families and busy lives, time is so limited but we still get to see each other and hang out so that’s amazing.

Second, I love designing clothes that I want to wear! I love unique, interesting, casual, comfortable, versatile fashion. We’ve now added the Siddhi Sky Dye line that I love playing with….I’ve always been silk screening our hats but seeing how each piece comes out after tie dying it is next level fun for me!

LMM: As a busy entrepreneur and yoga instructor, what does your personal yoga practice mean to you, and do you have a favourite pose or prop?

STACEY: I have to say I couldn’t be more grateful for the skills I’ve learned over the years. I’m a twice certified yoga teacher but never really wanted to teach. I did for a short time, but the training was really for my personal practice. After taking workshop after workshop, it just made sense to immerse myself deeper for my own knowledge and growth. And wow, during Covid, I’ve pretty much pulled out every tool I’ve ever learned…

My daily meditation and asana practice has saved me during this incredibly challenging time!! I love my Eye Pillow and shoulder wrap/Therapy Bag (from Love My Mat) so much and am using them more than ever these days too. Also I have a 10 year old who steals the warmed up wrap from me to sleep with….so I think I need another one!   :-)


Thank you, Stacey for sitting down to chat with us and for sharing your wisdom. Thank you for your commitment to sustainable fabrics and for manufacturing locally and being awesome in general!
Looking forward to the day we can practice yoga together in our toques!

xo Shelley xo

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