October 2020's S&S feature business is SUPPORTED SOUL!
We were introduced to Supported Soul when Nicole Lawson asked us to take part in a giveaway she was planning earlier in 2020. We instantly fell in love with their company ethos and aesthetic. Supported Soul makes beautiful, eco-conscious yoga mats and we make beautiful, eco-conscious yoga props so obviously we were meant for each other.
We love that Supported Soul is a female-led business based in BC with a focus on creating biodegradable yoga mats. We love Nicole's honesty and vulnerability. We love that she supports artists and local charities. But we'll let Nicole tell you more about herself and her business in her own words below. 

LMM: We see your kids show up on your feed and in your Instagram stories - tell us about being a business owner and a Mom. Do your kids like to join in for yoga?

Nicole: I’m grateful to be an entrepreneur as it gives me freedom to spend time with my children as well as the opportunity to follow my passion. I know firsthand the transformative powers of yoga and my children are starting to gain more interest in practicing. They love to jump in/on me when I’m flowing at home! They just started attending kids yoga classes at a local studio and are really enjoying themselves. Now there’s even talk about eventually taking over the family business!

Family Yoga with Nicole Lawson of Supported Soul

LMM: You have a passion for mental and physical health and wellness - how does this inform both your business and your daily life?

Nicole: Supported Soul was created during my battle with postpartum depression. I had completely lost myself, and spending time on my yoga mat helped me reconnect with my soul. My hope is that I can help others through  sharing my personal journey in a real and vulnerable way. 

I’ve learned that my mental health has to come first so I can show up as the best version of myself and to perform at a high level. This requires healthy eating, moving my body, getting enough sleep, meditating, reading, and being present as much as possible for my boys. 

My intention with Supported Soul is to motivate others  to take time for themselves to focus on their physical + mental health while  offering beautiful, functional products and sharing valuable content on my social media platforms.

Nicole Lawson of Supported Soul

LMM: Your mats have beautiful designs, where do you draw inspiration from?

Nicole: My mother was an illustrator, and appreciating beautiful artwork has always been a big part of my life. I can draw inspiration from anything- whether it be a painting I see in a gallery, a post on instagram, prints on apparel, or even wallpaper and wrapping paper! There are lots of random photos and screenshots in my photo library that I refer back to when I’m thinking about creating a new design. 

I have a personal connection with each artist I work with. It’s fairly informal, but our taste and vibe have to mesh. As for the process, I call upon my background in the fashion industry and treat the process similarly to building a fashion collection. Giving creative freedom to an artist is important but sometimes you need to guide some designs toward a broader appeal. 

Supported Soul Biodegradable Yoga Mats

LMM: Supported Soul has built a great community - can you share some of your favourite products or brands you have partnered with?

Nicole: The Supported Soul community inspires me every day! I’ve had the honor of producing yoga mat designs for some incredible local brands such as John Fluevog Shoes, Inner Fire, and Baba Souk. Monthly IG giveaways give me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other wonderful Canadian companies (including Love My Mat!). 

Nicole Lawson Supported Soul Owner

LMM: We love that your mats are sustainable and biodegradable, can you tell us a bit more about this? 

Nicole: My family is making a conscious effort to move toward a lifestyle with far less waste. Cutting back on consumption and buying only what we need is liberating. Traditional yoga mats are made out of PVC. They are toxic to produce, can create serious health hazards for the end user, and live afterwards in landfills. Our yoga mats are biodegradable and recyclable. The two layers are fused together with heat and contain no harmful chemicals or toxins. Supported Soul mats are produced ethically overseas in small runs and every unit is sold. We donate $1 per mat to a meaningful charitable cause, and our Mother Nature Collection provides 5% of sales to the BC Children’s Hospital.

Biodegradable Yoga Mats from Supported Soul

LMM: What is your favourite yoga pose and why? 

Nicole: My favorite yoga pose is dancer’s pose. It makes me feel expansive, focused, flexible, balanced and strong.

Supported Soul Yoga Mats & Dancers Pose

LMM: Thank you, Nicole for sharing more about Supported Soul and your passion for helping others through the healing power of yoga & mindfulness. 


We love Supported Soul's Pro-Grip Yoga Mat. It is so comfy and sticky and pretty. It has quickly become Shelley's favourite yoga mat. We all love it so much in fact that we've partnered up with Support Soul to now offer their yoga mats on our website!

This is especially exciting for us because it's the first eco-friendly yoga mat we've tested and loved. Which makes it the first yoga mat we've ever sold online. If you want to try one for yourself, you can get yours here.

If you have any questions about Supported Soul or their amazing mats, please reach out and let us know. All the love & support,
xo Shelley xo

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