Alora Mini Round Bolster


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Small but mighty, the Mini Round Bolster fits anywhere you need soft support. Loosely filled with buckwheat hulls so you can adjust the height and density for any body part and any pose. Low back pain? Use it for lumbar support when seated at your desk or on the couch. It can be used as a substitute for many of your favourite yoga and meditation props. This multi-functional Mini Bolster will be your new best friend! 

  • 16" long x 5" wide (41 cm x 13 cm)
  • ~2 lbs (1 kg)
  • Filled with biodegradable Canadian Buckwheat Hulls
  • Unbleached cotton inner liner with zipper 

  • Unique covers made with repurposed & forgotten fabrics
  • Removable, machine washable cover
  • Lightweight to take with you anywhere
  • Adjustable support for any pose
  • Generously hand-filled with natural buckwheat hulls
  • Inner liner has a zipper to add or remove hulls as needed
  • Entirely handmade by women in Ontario, Canada
  • Lumbar Support
    Place mini bolster behind low back in the car or office
  • Neck Support
    Place mini bolster under your head when laying supine to keep your neck neutral
  • Child's Pose
    Place mini bolster under front of ankles for soft support

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jane McFarlane
Love My Mini Round Bolster

A bolster filled with buckwheat hulls is perfect for support that follows the contours of your body.

Mini round bolster

This well constructed beautiful bolster is not only very functional in supporting me during meditation but also a wonderful tool in supporting comfort during sleep.

Amy Faulkner

I love my mini round boosters. So great under the neck, or arms depending on the pose. May have to purchase another at some point to use at the same time. :) Thanks for making the best yoga products!

Avani Mini Round Bolster

These mini bolsters have transformed my restorative yoga practice in the best way! Perfect for support under the arms, legs, back and neck in restorative postures - especially if you are looking for less height/length than a traditional bolster. Beautiful material, comfy, easy to maneuver. Love these!

Lovely Colour

I love how comfortable the Zaful is and I love the quality of the fabric used. It has definitely helped my feet (they no longer fall asleep) and spine during meditations.
A game changer for sure.