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White Sage Wand for Smudging
Buffalo Sage for Cleansing and Burning
White Sage Stick for purification & meditation rituals
Sage Wand, Palo Santo & Salt Lamp for your Meditation Space
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White Sage Wand

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White Sage cleansing is used to remove any negative or unwelcome energies in a space and on oneself. Smudging can remove any negative emotions and return balance. This practice is perfect to set the space before meditation or any type of healing session.

Our Buffalo Sage Wand is produced from the freshest, most mature leaf. These wands are the purest and highest quality we've found. They last a really, really long time when burned properly. We love sense of calm this smudging wands provide and usually sleep so peacefully afterwards.


  • Each wand is 4" long & 1" thick
  • Hand tied with cotton
  • Wands burn well
  • Buy single stick or Pack of 3
  • Comes with instructions for Burning & Smudging Ritual