You know that old saying, “Like riding a bike. You never forget.”

What if an intuitive framework existed that could support your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being? A framework so ancient and effective, that it's only recently that we humans forgot how to use it.

The sky holds the moon and stars and along with them, a sacred rhythm that guides all life on Earth.

Hello Everybody!

My name is Rachel and while I don’t know all of the universe’s secrets, I do have a passion for reading the living sky and then tuning some of my life’s activities into what’s going on overhead. Shelley being the rad lady that she is, thought it would be a fun collaboration to have me contribute here at the Love My Mat blog. My task is to connect you to some of the lunar and astrological influences happening over the season and relate them back to your daily practices. You down? Er, rather, up to that?

So how this will work is at the beginning of each astrological season, I’ll share some of the major aspects playing out during that time along with a few ways to work with those energies. I want to share and teach you about the organizational tools that civilizations before us used and thrived with. Here’s a primary example to get us started:

The moon goes through a dance every 29.5 days where it builds to full and bright (waxing phase), then shrinks to new and dark (waning phase). You know this. But what you may not know is that projects that seek to create and grow yield better results during the waxing phase than during the waning. For instance, if you want to hit the gym to work on strength training and building muscle mass, doing so during the first half of the lunar cycle would support you in this goal more so than if you were to do it after the full moon has passed. It doesn’t mean you have to abandon your goal altogether if the moon isn’t waxing, just that your results would be less optimal.

The waning moon on the other hand is an excellent time to take stock of what you have and clear out what isn’t working. Literally cleaning out your desk, fridge, the linens and car are all fabulous endeavours for this energy. If we use the gym example again, use the waning moon to focus on detoxing and weight loss as these will be more conducive to the moon’s releasing influence. Pretty simple, right?

Live your life by the moon

Waxing = create, action, grow
Waning = take stock, release, cleanse

Now let’s dive into some of the heavenly happenings that are just around the corner. Along with Summer Solstice, yesterday marked the beginning of Cancer, the season of the Crab. Now through July 22nd, the sun will pass through the Cancer constellation above.

Cancer is the sign that is ruled by the Moon. Its themes are empathy, compassion, nurturing and protection. It embraces intuition, the divinely feminine, emotions and all things related to family and ancestry. It feels most comfortable at home, surrounded by its favourite things and people. The next four weeks are a wonderful time to catch up with family and friends and to nourish yourself. The Crab perfectly personifies the balance between an armoured exterior and a soft, sweet interior - how might you be like the crab? Do you feel in balance with the time you spend guarding yourself versus when you are being vulnerable? If not, consider what being in balance with these oppositions can look and feel like. If you are an empath, always giving and being open to others, you could action some realistic boundaries for yourself, practice saying no, not right now. And if instead you feel withdrawn from others, try opening up first with yourself through journaling or another form of expression. Cancer is a very creative sign. Tap that!

July 2nd - Carve out time to clearly write down what you want to manifest 

On July 2nd, we have the first of two solar eclipses happening. It will be a total solar eclipse paired with the new moon in the sign Cancer. New moons are the absolute best time to set a new intention, goal or vision. When coupled with the fast moving, excitement of an eclipse, it is supercharged! Carve out time to clearly write down what you want to manifest in your career, relationships, finances, etc. and expect to see it revealed over the next 6 months.

July 7th through August 2nd - instead of reaching for your phone when you first wake up, spend some time in bed in reflection mode.

On July 7th the planet Mercury joins a pack of other outer planets that are currently stationed retrograde (Rx). The fast moving planet of communication, technology and transportation will appear to move backwards in the sky until August 2nd. What this retrograde means is that it is a good time to go back over things such as financial, legal or home matters. Now is when details may surface that you didn’t catch or pick up on before. Also expect the ability to think more deeply on these matters. I recommend that instead of reaching for your phone when you first wake up, spend some time in bed in reflection mode. Set your refreshed mind to the task of combing over some of the things you’ve been involved with or working on and see if any new details come to light. Once Mercury stations direct again, you can action anything that became illuminated. So yeah, maybe eventually reach for your phone and take notes.

There are a host of other astrological aspects happening though June and July but let’s stop here. Otherwise this blog might turn into a novel and you have a summer tan to work on!

I look forward to continuing our lunar/astro conversation over the months ahead and stretching your capacity for what’s possible when scheduling your life out.

 May you begin to feel more reunited in aligning with the sky above and smile whenever you look up.

Rachel Gibson - Full Moon Maven



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