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Mini Weighted Blankets To Deepen Rest

Shelley Gordon & Kelly Lightfoot designed our Mini Weighted Blankets with sustainability and your health in mind. Find rest and ease as you add weight to your yoga and meditation practice.

The Best Yoga Mat Bag For You

Which Yoga Mat Carrier is right for you? Read about how and why we designed all our bags with ultimate functionality in mind.

Stay Rooted in Your Body & Breath This Fall

Joanne Hudspith invites you to connect with your body and breath as you transition from summer to fall. A beautiful set of questions to keep you rooted in your truest self.

Finding Your Yoga Practice

Sarah (she/her) shares her personal movement journey and tools that can help you feel your best self through your own mindfulness journey. Learn how yoga, meditation and our products can have a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. 

National Relaxation Day Tips

Our teams favourite relaxation exercises to decrease cortisol levels, increase concentration, improve your mood and reduce stress.

How to Use a Bolster, Blanket & Hand Weights

Learn how to make the most of your yoga props. We share some of our favourite ways to use a Yoga Bolster, Yoga Blanket and Hand Weights to make your practice more peaceful.

Self Care On A Budget

Self Care can seem out of reach for many of us, so we've complied some of our favourite acts of Self Care that you can do on any time or financial budget.

Why You Need to Add Sandbags to Your Practice

Why you need Love My Mat Sandbags for your yoga practice and strength training. What makes our Sandbags as special as you and fun ways to add weight to your practice.

Eye Pillows for Ultimate Relaxation

How Lavender Eye Pillows reduce stress & anxiety and improve your mood & sleep. Plus lots of other fun uses.

Store Front Reopening

We're reopening and can't wait to welcome you to our sunny store front. Come visit us at 809 King St. East in Hamilton, ON to try all our sustainable yoga & meditation props. See you soon!

Transforming Unwanted Goods to Useful Props

Cassandra shares the journey of how we take one pre-loved duvet cover and turn it into 29 products to support your sustainable lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

How to Craft Your Sankalpa

Natalie Workman shares 6 restful steps for finding your hearts truest desire to craft your own personal Sankalpa. Plant the right seeds for your future self as you practice Yoga Nidra or meditation.

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