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Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Blog

7 Types of Rest

Which type of rest is best for you? The answer might be different each day. Read on and see which rest you need right now and what tools can help you find the deepest rest possible.

The Best Meditation Cushion For You

See our comparison chart to help you determine which size and style of mediation cushion can help you meditate with ease.

A Mantra for 2022 - ASAP

But it's not what you think. Not ASAP as in "as soon as possible" but ASAP as in "as slowly as possible." Perhaps you can develop this mantra for 2022, too?

Can Rest Be Productive?

As a mom and business owner, there's always something to do. But as a yogi, I know the importance of rest. I explore some ways that rest can be productive for me and maybe for you, too.

Finding Calm through the Breath

Are you breathing correctly? Michelle Smith guides us through 4 different exercises to expand your breath and find your calm.

Holiday Sales at Love My Mat

Upcoming Sales at Love My Mat for the 2021 Holiday Season. Find out why we're not doing Black Friday but will be celebrating Small Business Saturday.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

All the gift ideas for every yogi and meditator on your list. Broken down by budget and limited edition holiday specials.

Sustainable Home Decor & How to be a Conscious Consumer

Why shop second-hand? To name a few reasons, quality materials, longevity, rich textures, functionality by thoughtful detail and design - but most of all living sustainably.

Saturday Holiday Shop Hours

Shop in person for the best yoga props and meditation cushions. Find out all the details and special offerings for November & December at Love My Mat.

Easy to Clean Vinyl Bolsters & Props

Yoga Bolsters and Meditation Cushions covered in wipeable, easy to disinfect vinyl fabrics. See why vinyl is the best options for yoga studios and physiotherapy clinics.

What Makes Love My Mat a Sustainable Yoga Prop Company

Transparency is important to us so I want to share more about what makes Love My Mat's design approach, production methods and processes as sustainable as possible.

Migraine Remedies

Navigating seasonal migraines comes with its challenges – here are our tips on using remedies to cure symptoms and get back to enjoying your day!

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