Sustainability as Standard

find what you need

Our trained movement instructors will help you find the props that you will benefit from most. Reducing your need for too many things, which reduces your environmental footprint.

Sustainable living

Practicing what we preach in all aspects of our business & personal lives. We're on a mission to help you live as minfully and sustainably as possible, one prop at a time.

all natural

We choose biodegradable ingredients because we aim to keep things out of landfills... not add to them. We source all our filling materials as locally as possible.

Reducing Textile Waste

Our products are all designed to reduce waste. We rescue fabrics from thrift shops and deadstock warehouses to reduce the impact of the harmful textile industry. We design new products made from our fabric scraps to doubly upcycle as many textiles as possible.

Made with Love

We're a small but mighty team. We share a love of all things upcycling, sustainable living, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

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