We love our community and want to offer as much support as we possibly can. 
We offer rentals of Meditation Cushions, Bolsters & Straps for groups of up to 50 people. 

Yoga & Meditation Prop Rental Rates for 2023

Sitting Pretty Pillows - $12 each
Long & Lean Bolsters - $14 each
Loop Straps - $4 each
Fees do not include delivery or tax.
All rentals include washing fees.
Contact Shelley for all the possibilities! shelley@lovemymat.com
Ask us about sponsorships or trade deals that help everyone get the most of our yoga and meditation props.
Night at the Green House - Yoga Event in Hamilton, ON
Night at the Greenhouse
Yoga & Meditation Event in Hamilton, ON
Women's Yoga & Meditation Events with Love My Mat Sit Pillows
Women's Day Yoga & Meditation Event
in partnership with Moms Hamilton & Saje Wellness