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Dream Knee Pillows
Susanne Smith
The many uses of the Dream Knee Pillows!

I received the knee pillows as a birthday gift from my sisters. I thought that having a rolled up pad was good enough but these are more adjustable. That is, they can be moved to different widths apart to suit the positions of your knees. And they mold to your individual knees. Yesterday I covered them with plastic bags and used them with my gardening stool and they made kneeling much more comfortable. I love things that are multi-functional!

Great Meditation Bundle

Love the meditation bundle,fantastic price and everything I need to relaxation. Will order again from Love Your Mat. Great Cimpany that cares about the Environment.

My new Daphne bolster is really beautiful
Love the colours and it fits in with my studio colours
I’ve purchased bolsters before and the quality is still amazing
I recommend Shelley’s bolsters to my yoga students, they love theirs too
Nice products Shelley, keep up with your amazing products
With love 💗

Dream Knee Pillows
Lucie Lamoureux
So comfy !

I really appreciate a lot my knee pads. I used them for my knees of course but I also sit and rest my head on them. Great product. Thank you very much for creating these very useful and comfortable pads.
Lucie from the Laurentians, Quebec

Long and Lean Bolster (Praise)

I ordered a Long and Lean Bolster (Praise) from Love My Mat. The bolster is exquisite - the fabric is beautiful and the bolster is the perfect length to support my back in a poise to strengthen my back. Thank you for providing such high quality yoga props!

Anais Sandbag - 10lb
Anais Sandbag - 10lb

Love the sand bags from Love My Mat. Quality, beautiful material! 10 out of 5 stars from this Studio:)

Thanks so very much! We're so happy to hear that you love our sandbags and hope you love them for many years to come!

Meditation cushion

Love it

Little Eye Gem!

Love the fabric, size, weight and gentle lavender scent. Perfect aid for my meditation with the Love My Mat bolster!

Thank you, Pam <3

I receive consistently well-made, beautiful products to enhance my yoga & meditation practices 🙌🏻 Love their ethics & customer service is also stellar!! 🤩

Long and Lean boister

I am enjoying my new bolster. I am enjoying all the products that I have purchased. Thank you. Your products are wonderful.

Nate Zabuton & Sit Set
Kirstie McBrien
Love it

I absolutely love my sit set. It was even more beautiful in person and super comfortable. Love the materials. Thank you so much!

Repos Long & Lean Bolster

Beautiful & smart-long bolster! Everything is always ethically sourced & well-made. Products arrive quickly as well & customer service is fantastic too! Looking forward to seeing you at this years yoga show in Toronto 🙌🏻

Fellow Yoga Prop Bag
Nancy Davis
Tegan yoga bag

I love my new bag it holds everything and the bag is made very well. Love it

Wool Dryer Balls
Megan Sill
Wool Dryer Balls

I bought these wool dryer balls and my husband was rolling his eyes "yeah, I'm sure those will work" he said. Well, I threw them in a few loads of laundry and he's now saying he notices a clear difference in less wrinkles and his jeans feeling nicer. I also am surprised at how much less time our dryer is taking. Nice plus. I haven't yet tried it with essential oil - but I do have LovemyMat's lavender oil, so that's next on the list!

Isn't it amazing how helpful these little wool balls are? Glad you've loving them. Let us know if you like using them with lavender.

Plant-based Yoga Mat Cleaner - smells great/easy to use

Plant-based Yoga Mat Cleaner. Smells so good. It is a nice blend of scents. I also find it very easy to use - you spray and let it dry no wiping necessary! I'm onto my second bottle now.

Deco Alignment Yoga Mat - Black

I bought the black version of this mat quite some time ago. I like how it feels heavy duty, and the extra space it gives. I am quite tall, so this makes practice a lot easier where I'm not spilling off the mat as much. I also like the lines that are on it, for better alignment.

Anna Yoga Prop Bag
Megan Sill
Gorgeous and fits all the goodies

I bought the "Anna Yoga Prop Bag" and the photos didn't do it justice. It is beautiful! I have also been able to put in my long & lean bolster and my yoga mat, as well as a few other yoga props. Very happy with the purchase. In my case, I am happy it doesn't have a zip because I can't be trusted with those (I've ripped them clear off things before).

Yes, Megan! Aren't these bags the best? So happy you love our Prop Bags as much as we all do.

Adelle Eye Pillow
Julie Elkin
Eye Pillow and mini weighted blanket

The eye Pillow and mini weighted blanket have taken my restorative yoga and meditation to a whole new level. They are both the perfect weight and the lavender scent in the pillow is just right. Highly recommend to anyone considering!!!

Thanks for this lovely review, Julie. I hope these props bring you peace in your restorative practice for a long, long time.

Alora Mini Round Bolster
Angel Ellis
Mini round bolster

This is the first bolster I have tried. It's very comfy has been very useful! I only bought 1 but feel I can definitely use another one.

HI Angel,
Yes, Mini Round Bolsters are one of my favourite props at the moment. Having two is definitely beneficial!
xo Shelley

Iridiana Long & Lean Bolster
Great quality & fabric!

This is narrower and slightly longer (my head remains supported) than the traditional bolsters that my yoga studio uses, but i actually really love this! Its the perfect size! The fabric used is of good quality and professionally sewn. Unless you’re looking for the traditional wider bolster then i would definitely recommend this one. I also like that it easily tucks away in my small square footage home and that it was made right here at home in Canada!

So happy you love our updated bolster design. We hope you love it for many years to come!
xo Shelley

The bolster is a perfect addition to my yoga practice. It arrived quickly, and I was reaally pleased to support a small local business with a focus on the environment.

Gaja Mini Round Bolster
Nancy Davis
New mat

I love my new mat. Thank you very much.

Yes love that it dries quickly no wiping necessary!!!

Thanks Angela! We're so happy you love the simplicity of our mat cleaner.

Laya Therapy Bag
Angela Girard

The only thing I find is I’m fighting a little bit with sliding my B Mat into the bag, the video shows how easy the bag is but I’m not sure if it’s a B Mat..otherwise it’s handy to put blocks and blanket in

I'm sorry it's not super easy to get your B Mat into our bag. Here's the best way to do it...
Put one strap over your shoulder and let the bag hang on a bit of an angle.
Then put the end of the mat into the lowest corner of the bag... really push it into the bottom corner.
Then it should 'fall' into the bottom of your bag a bit more easily.
Let me know if you need more help and I can make another video.

Claire Yoga Prop Bag
Love my bag

Love my bag but I’m having a zipper put in!! But I love my bag

Hi Rosa,
I'm sorry you didn't love the bag without a zipper. I hope the zipper goes in easily and that you love the bag with it. Would love to hear back from you about how to you like it.
We've tried adding a zipper in the past. It increases the cost of the bag by $25 due to cost of zipper and extra labour. But perhaps we'll explore that option again.
thanks so much for sharing your feedback.