Love My Mat Product Reviews

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Mat for patients

This is the perfect mat for patients while they are waiting for procedures to calm the nerves

Laurel Knee Pillows
Knee pads

Great product, you will not be disappointed. Love my mat

Hale Zabuton Sit Set
Natalie Ponnet

Very comfortable, very nice fabric. Love it!

Hale Zabuton Sit Set
Marie St-Aubin

Hale Zabuton Sit Set

Love that these therapy bags are sectioned and longer than most. Beautifully made. This will be well loved. Thank you

I'm happy with my purchace. The quality and size of your produts are very good.

The best everyday tote available

I don't leave home without it. Small pockets are in the perfect places and it is excellent quality. The best tote bag I've found - and it supports Love My Mat + Do Good Feel Good.

Ivory Sandbag - 10 lb
Donna Shelton
Chefs’ Kiss

My new 10 lb sandbag provides that chefs’ kiss feeling to some of my restorative shapes when my body needs a deeper sense of groundedness.


I love these. Use them for restorative practice and to help with grounding when anxious


I am so happy with my buckwheat hull pillow. My neck is perfectly supported during meditation now. I love that I can perfectly shape it to my needs for ultimate comfort. The calla fabric is beautiful.

High quality but slot too small

This phone holder is high quality and beautiful. Unfortunately, the slot is too narrow for my iPhone 12 with an Otterbox case. I gave it to a family member who does not use a phone case and they are happy with it.


Beautiful fabric and great quality

Sitting Pretty

So comfy for the tuschy! I love the way it helps me sit better. And the construction is so beautifully done. So glad I took advantage of the sale.
Thank you!

Hale Zabuton Sit Set
Michael Bolianatz
Great Stuff

Love the set! It’s perfect. Great quality.

Happy Yogi

I do luv my bolster ! I can tell it is a high quality and it's allowing me to do all the yoga positions I intended to do.
A happy Yogi :)

Denim Knee Pillows
Christine Baumbach

Denim Knee Pillows

delightful fabric

I’m really enjoying the new “cloth sitting pretty pillow - cover only" - a great way to prolong the life, and use, of my current meditation cushion. thanks for having this option with the found (and fun!) fabric.

Royal Vinyl Sit Set
Terylene M.
Feeling the Love & Joy!

We Love my Royal Vinyl Zabuton & sitting pretty cushion! When I am not on it, Isabella my cat takes it over! Great support for my meditation! Thank you Shelley & Jenny, as always a very sunny helpful shopping experience! Grateful Regards

Calm Oil Blend
Maegan Beattie

Love my new mat and makes me excited to get into meditating. This saves my ankles from hurting and allows me to be much more relaxed. Great material and very well made. Lovely mat all around

Royal Vinyl Meditation Cushion
Isabelle Rheaume

I really enjoy my meditation cushion as I can finally begin to elevate my meditation practice to another level. I used to become really uncomfortable, which made me struggle to maintain my practice for more than 5 minutes. Now, I can actually sit and let got of my physical self and go deeper in my meditation. I also love that it is in vinyl because I can meditate outside and not worry about stains!

Julia Eye Pillow
Mercedes Tullio

It’s perfect for savasana and even a quick break from the computer to rest the eyes. So soothing.

Natural Cotton Yoga Strap

Very soft, durable and long. Perfect!

Verna Mini Round Bolster

It’s my second one and I love it! Perfect size and shape for everything.

Wish Knee Pillows
Anne Williams-Gaus
Gentle on the knees

These knee pillows are really protective for people with sensitive knee joints or knee replacements like I have. I love them and highly recommend them

Izabela Eye Pillow
Deanne Smiley
Izabella eye pillow

I have loved ALL of my LMM items and this eye pillow with the lavender scent is PERFECT for savasana or anytime you need a rest 😊