Real Customer Reviews


Sand Bags

Thank you ladies for what you do, I just love the sand bags. I have a small restorative yoga practice out of my home and the clients love the comfort of the bags while in their asanas. Blessings. - Kelly 10/08/19


Yoga Bolster & Eye Pillow

I love my new Yoga Bolster and use it almost every day. I already have a bolster, strap and zabuton from Love My Mat and everything is so well made. I’m especially pleased to be supporting these beautiful women in their endeavour to make quality Yoga props from recycled material. As a Yoga teacher I recommend their products highly :) - Marina M 9/22/19


Remarkable quality!

The bolsters are both beautiful and made with exceptional quality. I love the attention to details - such as the unique prints, side zippers and handles on both sides. Proud to support a Canadian company that is environmentally conscious and provides great customer service! - Lorie T 8/27/19


Beautiful and Roomy

This Yoga Mat bag holds my mat AND my yoga blanket and my eye sand bag fits into the outer pocket. I really appreciate the convenience of this beautiful bag. Love the texture and pattern on the bag too - Lynn M 8/22/19


I love my Zabuton!

This product is such a welcome addition to the quiet space in my home. It is comfortable and beautifully made. The two pieces give me the flexibility to sit comfortably in a couple of different positions. I use my Eye Mask when I need to rest because I find it so relaxing and calming. The weight of it helps ground me, and I love the lavender aroma. Highly recommend! - Florence H 8/11/19



Ah, where do I begin?...I have purchased several...actually many products from this amazing company and I cannot express the level of quality in each one, as well as the level and quality of service from these sweet, sweet owners. The very large mat bag, bolsters, straps, eye pillows, a sitting pretty pillow, sand bags, hot and cold therapy bags, and knee pillows...every piece is beautiful, incredibly sturdy, and professionally made. The customer service is exceptional. Everything about this company is special! - Jane W  7/23/19


Sitting pretty!

So happy with my meditation cushion. I have them in my home so even visitors are comfortable when they come over. I also love the added touch of knowing the history of the fabric that was used! Thank you! - Kimberly W 7/15/19


Yoga Bolster

I LOVE IT!!!! I was looking for a bolster to add to my home yoga practice. A friend had suggested a few businesses, but when I saw Love My Mat was a local vendor it definitely got priority! I was thrilled at the opportunity to support a local business. The colour of the fabric was exactly as the website depicted, which was another plus. I use the bolster to sit comfortably during meditation. As a newer member of the yoga community I am very tight and struggle to sit comfortably for periods of time, so sitting elevated helps. I also use the bolster, on an incline, with a block to stretch out the front of my shoulders and chest ~aaaaahhhh :-) I can officially say “I LOVE MY MAT” LOL Thank you again for the amazing product. - Lisa 7/11/19


Comfortable for my sit!

I always found the sides of my feet got sore sitting on the floor with a cushion or bolster - even with a folded up blanket. I love to have this to rest my let’s and ankles. My DOGS LOVE IT too. LOL I should have known they would see it as "their bed." - Chantale P 6/27/19


Betsy Therapy Bag - Wonderful!!

I love my new Therapy Bag! I heated it in the microwave for 2 minutes to a comfortable temperature and it held it’s heat for almost 30 minutes. I really liked it’s weight and how it contoured to my neck and shoulders, reaching the spots that needed the heat the most. The washable cover is also a bonus. I know my therapy bag will be well used! Thank you for providing such high quality, well-priced wellness and fitness items. - Cathy T 4/30/19