We know how hard mom's work and how much they could use some extra support and rest. We put together a Collection for Mother's Day to help you choose something for the mom(s) in your life. Maybe you're celebrating your partner, a caregiver or another motherly figure, whomever it is you're shopping for we gathered all things relaxing and put them here for you.  

As you may or may not know, our business was founded by Shelley & Kathy, a mother-daughter duo. Kathy is always helping out making bolsters, finding thrifted fabric, fixing our machines and being one call away whenever we need her.  If you visited our booth at the One of a Kind Show maybe you were lucky enough to meet her. Happy Mother's Day Kathy, we love you.

Here are some of our favourite gifts from our Mother's Day Collection.


We have marked down all of the Mini Therapy Bags. This is an excellent choice for Mom to have handy to warm up or cool down for whatever is happening to her body that day. Maybe it's mensural cramps or hot flashes or sore joints, whatever ailment is present this little miracle bag will sooth and encourage rest and relaxation. For the hardworking mom, this the perfect gift. 

Mini Therapy Bags


A favourite around here is our Flax & Lavender Eye Pillows.  They are great for new moms to help sooth tired eyes or to have close by so that when baby naps it will encourage mom to nap, too. Add a bottle of Pure Lavender Essential Oil to keep mom relaxed for months and months. 

Lavender Eye Pillows


Busy, stressed moms will love receiving a full meditation Sit Set.
The best way to start the day or end the day (or both!) is by taking the time to meditate. A Love My Mat Sit Set will allow mom to take some much needed time to herself to centre and refocus.  It really is amazing what we can accomplish and how we can shift our mood by taking the time to sit.  


Our Long & Lean Bolster is still our most popular gift item.  It is the perfect prop to open up with, to surrender and sink in with, and to support you or your loved one with whatever they are going through.  


Maybe your mom doesn't practice yoga or meditation? We have something for those mom's too!  We have a few Limited Edition Self Care Kits left. They are filled with all things self care to encourage a little love and relaxation. So send that special human in your life some love.


We know that Mother's Day can be a hard day, especially for folks who do not identify as a "mom" and are still the primary caregiver for their children. Maybe you have lost your mom, or you are still waiting to be a mom, or you're a parent who has lost a child. We see you.

Maybe there is a pet mom, friend mom, honorary mom, a special person who provided you guidance over the years, a caregiver, a role model for your and/or your children, we see them, too.

If you are sending a gift you can include a little message with your purchase and we will see to it that it's included.

Let's move with compassion for ourselves and empathy for others, not just today, but always. Wishing you a day filled with support and love from us at Love My Mat.  

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