Because nothing is as sacred as a mother's love, we've put together some gifting ideas for the special mom in your life. So you can make your mom or mother figure feel special and loved with thoughtful gifts that support her wellness journey.

Mother's Day Yoga Gifts 

Free Mother's Day Gifts

The most thoughtful gifts aren't always bought. So we're sharing some of our favourite ways to show mom you love her without spending money. 

  1. Coupons - draw or print up some coupons for a coffee/tea date, a walk in the woods, hugs or even help with cleaning her home. 
  2. Handmade Cards - get out your cut & paste supplies and make a card from hand and heart. Include some words of appreciation or a funny story you remember as a child.
  3. Time - more than anything our mother's want to spend time with us. Give the gift of your time doing whatever your mom wants.

Mother's Days Gift made in Canada

Mother's Day Gifts Under $30

You can still spoil mom without breaking the budget. We've got some of our favourite little gifts for under $50, plus a few other things to make your mom's heart glow.

  1. Everyday Tote Bag - the perfect market bag, knitting bag, in-flight carry-on or catch-all bag. She'll love our signature Do Good • Feel Good heart logo. Only $30
  2. Flax & Lavender Eye Pillow - encourage your mom to nap or rest with our lightly scented Lavender Eye Pillows. Only $26
  3. Essential Oils or Yoga Mat Cleanerthe power of plants! She'll love our signature Plant-Based Yoga Mat & Accessory cleaner to taking care of all her props. Or our high quality essential oil blends of Calm & Uplift. Only $20 each
  4. Tea Date - take mom out to a fancy tea spot in your neighbourhood. You'll be supporting your relationship and a small business in your community! From $8 - $30

Eye Pillows for Yoga & Savasana

Mother's Day Gifts Under $60

Help mom make wellness a priority with small props that make a big difference. Warm her heart with your thoughtfulness as you choose a product in an upcycled fabric that is as unique & beautiful as your mom!

  1. Hot & Cold Therapy Bag - long enough to wrap around your neck or knee or to lay down the whole length of your spine. Heal joints and muscle pain with heat or cold, all in one magic bag! Only $54
  2. Knee Pillows - because as we age, so do our knees! Protect her precious knees with these versatile Knee Pads that can also be used to cushion ankle joints, hands, head & feet. Only $38
  3. Lunch Date - Let mom pick the spot and schedule a time to do lunch together at a local restaurant. From $25 - $60

Sale on Yoga props

Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

Spend a little more to give mom a gift that lasts 10+ years (or offers self care) so she'll think of you often with a smile.

  1. Sitting Pretty Pillow - a meditation cushion to support her practice whether she sits or kneels. From $90
  2. Mini Round Bolster - the best way to support your head, arms, lumbar spine and so much more. This cushion is small but mighty... just like you were as a child. From $64
  3. Manicure/Pedicure - I know my mom loves to be treated to some self care time. Find our her favourite place and get her a gift card. From $60 - $100

Yoga Props Made in Canada

No matter what you do, be sure to let your mom (or mother figure) know that you love and appreciate her. Whatever that looks like for the two of you. Sending you all the love & rest you could ever need.

xo Shelley xo


Carol Denholm said:

Loved reading the May Mantra…have printed and framed it. Great way to start my day.

Thank you Shelley and your team for this.

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