I originally started Love My Mat in 2008 with one product - Love My Mat Yoga Mat Cleaner. I sold my first bottles in 2009 to a local wellness shop called Simply Zen. The owner, Honey, placed a wholesale order and gave me the confidence to stick with it.

In 2010 I rented a small 5' x 10' booth space at the Toronto Yoga Show to sell my mat cleaner, but I knew I needed something more to sell. That's when I approached my mom and asked her to be my business partner.

Mother-Daughter Business

My mom has been sewing since she was 11 years old and has made everything from Halloween costumes to wedding dresses and baby blankets to mascot suits. I wanted to make a simple yoga mat bag to sell at the Yoga Show and wanted our bags to be unique without creating more waste - so we decided to make them using reclaimed fabric.

The first bag we made was from an old curtain from my aunt's house. We both said, "Oh, that's really nice." And we've been saying that about every bag & product we've made since.

Love My Mat is a Canadian Yoga Company
Since of first yoga show in 2010 we've added a full line of wellness products made from reclaimed fabric. We continually work on new ways to help make your yoga and meditation practices more personal and sustainable. Our product line includes bolsters, meditation cushions, eye pillows, bags, straps, sandbags and more.

Best Yoga Mat Cleaner made in Canada

But I'm getting off topic here. Let me tell you a little bit more about what makes Love My Mat's Yoga Mat Cleaner cleaner so amazing. 

Our Plant-Based Yoga Mat Cleaner is made from only four ingredients; citrus, lavender, tea tree oil, and water. It is super easy to use and super effective.

How Citrus Makes a Powerful Cleaner

Citrus fruit juice and pulp contains natural substances that eliminate pathogens like bacteria and viruses that can make you ill. We use an organic citrus extract, first developed in Quebec that is known to kill 99% of germs within 30 - 60 seconds of contact.

This cleaning solution not only kills germs on contact but helps to inhibit the growth of mould, germs and other bacteria on hard and soft surfaces.

The base cleaning agent we use - organic citrus extract - is not only powerful, but safe. It is proven to be kid, pet and food safe, so you can use it everywhere on almost everything. It is used as a food preservative, in organic make-up products, for institutional cleaners and more. 

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat with Love My Mat

Our cleaner is so simple & effective.
After your yoga practice, simply shake the bottle, then spray Love My Mat Plant-Based Cleaner 6 - 10 times from standing.
The fine atomizer will disperse the solution lightly over your mat.
Wait 60 seconds for it to dry then roll up your mat and you're good to go!

Another option? Spray your mat before you practice yoga. This way you know it's clean, disinfected and smelling fresh for your yoga class.

Best way to clean a yoga mat

Just spray it on your yoga mat and props to leave them clean and refreshed. Or take it around the house to spray & disinfect household surfaces. I even use it on my couches and linens as a fabric refresher.

Cleaning Beyond the Yoga Mat

There is more to this cleaner than you might think. Love My Mat started with the creation of this natural, powerful yoga mat cleaner. But our mat cleaner is good for so many other applications. Below is a short list of some of things you can spray Love My Mat Plant-Based Yoga Mat Cleaner on to disinfect your home.

  • Light switches
  • Toilet Flushers
  • Countertops
  • Couches & chairs
  • Bed Linens 
  • Bathroom air freshener
  • Kids toys
  • Kitchen table 
  • Car steering wheel, gear shifter & knobs

A note of caution: Because our formula is made from a citrus base it does turn a dark brown over time. Use caution when spraying textile surfaces that are light in colour.

If you're looking for the best, most sustainable way to clean your yoga mat, Love My Mat Plant-Based Yoga Mat Cleaner is it! Can't take our word for it? Read some of the review from our customers below.

Such a calming scent!
"I love this mat spray so much! The scent is so calming and it makes my mat feel squeaky clean :)" - Lauren Scott

"I picked this up at one of my yoga studios to combat my 'new mat scent'. I used it on my new and old mat and wow, the scent left behind is soo nice, gentle and fresh- I was really impressed! Totally worth buying!!!" - Danielle

Great fresh and clean smell
"I'm a big fan of the combination of essential oils, nice and refreshing without being overpowering." - Iris

Smells SOOO good
"This cleaner is fabulous - I've used it to freshen up all my yoga mats and props and even my husband likes it so much he sprayed it into his boxing gloves!" - Stephanie Shuster

Loving it!
'Smells wonderful and not too much. Just perfect :)" - Isabelle Morin

Everything I was looking for, and more!
"I was looking for a non-heavily scented, clean, non-toxic spray that dried quickly. I thought this might be a challenge, especially when looking within Canada. But what I found with LoveMyMat was beyond perfect. It smells wonderful (which you need when you are spending a lot of time with your face and body on your mat if you practice often) and it is kind to my Manduka mat, which I am very fond of! It truly dries quickly and there is no need for wiping. The product is wonderful! And to top it all of, you won't find better customer service or genuine care from a company than you will with LoveMyMat. They are a wonderful part of the Canadian Yoga Community!" - Lisa-elaine A.

Thank you for being here. You are appreciated.
Sending you love and rest, as always.
xo Shelley xo

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