Prism Long & Lean Bolster

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Sustainability as standard. We work with upcycled and forgotten fabrics to create collections in small batches. Learn More


Experience maximum support and optimal rest with the Long & Lean Bolster. This bolster is designed to help you feel your best in any yoga pose thanks to a firm cotton fill that ensures lasting comfort and support. Rest better and feel better with this helpful bolster!

    • 28" long x 8.5" wide x 4.5" tall (71 cm x 21 cm x 11 cm)
    • ~6 lbs (2.7 kg)
    • Filled with 100% natural cotton (NO polyurethane foam)
    • Unbleached cotton inner liner

    *Because we use all natural materials, there may be slight variations in weight and density, but the specs you see here are our baseline.


    • Unique covers made with repurposed & forgotten fabrics
    • Removable, machine washable cover 
    • Handles on both sides of bolster for easy use
    • Side zipper to promote even use & wear patterns
    • Firmly hand stuffed with only biodegradable cotton
    • Entirely handmade by women in Ontario, Canada
    • Supported Bridge Pose
      Place bolster under back of pelvis & relax into it
    • Supported Child's Pose
      Lay your stomach and chest over the bolster with your arms on either side, relax, and enjoy
    • Supported Fish Pose
      Sit in front of bolster with short end close to spine. Lay spine over bolster, tuck chin, extend arms to comfortable distance & soften everything

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 92 reviews
    Hilary J
    Nice fabric, well made

    I love the fabric, and the bolster feels really well made and sturdy. I like that it's long and has handles on both sides. I might get another!

    Angela Vella
    Best support for your body

    I absolutely love this bolster. I wish I had found it years ago. I use it during yoga, and to prop myself up straighter while sitting in bed or on the floor. I just bought another one for my sister and I know she will use it just as often as I do. Thank you!

    Sarah W
    Love my bolster!

    Beautiful pattern, fabric is so soft and bolster is comfortable and very well designed. Thank you!!

    Amy McKay
    Really Loving my Yoga Stuff

    Great quality, worth every penny. Using my strap and bolster daily.

    Karagin Sheen
    Exactly what I need!

    Excellent quality and being able to wipe it down is just what I need for working with my clients!

    Cathy Gordon
    Ciel Yoga Bolster

    Love, love, love my bolster - beautiful quality and fabric - I get alot of compliments in my class - of course I direct them to Love My Mat.....would purchase it again.

    Love it!

    I’ve really enjoyed using my bolster. Working from home, I keep it close to my desk and take mid day breaks to lie on it in child’s pose or for a chest opener. The two handles in either side is super helpful to move it around. It’s firm and sturdy.

    Janice Roser

    It was a gift for my niece. Not sure if she’s used it yet,

    Melissa Steginus
    Thrilled with my meditation sit set & bolster!

    I am so grateful for this company and for my products! These products are crafted with love and utmost intention. I love that the company’s business model is to recycle old and forgotten materials and ensure they are healthy for those using them. No polyurethane foam—thank you! I don’t know why it’s so hard to come across an eco- and health-friendly bolster in the world of yoga and meditation, but I’m so glad to have found one through this company.

    Prior to purchasing, I reached out with a shipping question and received a very kind response within 30 minutes. Super impressive customer service! My cushions and bolster also arrived a week before the expected delivery date.

    All in all, HIGHLY recommend this company and their products. As a yoga teacher and health professional, I will be recommending Love Your Mat products to everyone I know! Truly worth the investment, and thank you again.

    Teresa D Knight

    Loving my new bolster. Fast shipping too 🙂