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Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Restore, refresh and disinfect your yoga mat with citrus, lavender & tea tree. Our mat spray is made with only water & USDA certified organic citrus extract, lavender & tea tree.

Safe for daily use on all types of yoga mats, straps, blocks, bolsters & more. Our versatile formula is proven effective in removing dirt, sweat and bacteria from your yoga mat, leaving a light, fresh scent. 

Love My Mat™ is a quick-dry, no wipe formula. Simply shake, spray and let dry. In 30 seconds it's clean, dry and fresh for your next practice! Available in 240ml & 120ml bottles!

Our organic cleaner is so safe you can effectively use it at home. It's kid, pet and food safe. learn more or watch our YouTube video on how to clean your yoga mat using our organic yoga mat & accessory cleaner.

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