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I was tired of taking two bags to the yoga studio and the gym. One bag for my mat and one for everything else. Plus I was carrying my purse - now that was THREE bags I had to carry with me. I felt like a bag lady.

So my mom and I worked together to figure out how large we could make a bag without it being way too big. We ended up with a bag that is 28" wide by 18" deep. It's wide enough to hold a Long & Lean Bolster or mat lengthwise along the bottom and tall enough to add extra goodies like a change of clothes, more props or whatever else you need. This bag is huge when it needs to be, but because we use softer fabrics, it can also feel compact if you choose to only carry your mat and water bottle inside. We designed it so that it doesn't have to be massive unless you stuff it completely full.

There are three pockets. One has a zipper to hold your cell phone, wallet and keys to be easily found without having to dig through the bottom of your bag. The other two pockets are perfect for your water bottle and small towel.

We sew in durable Ribbon Ties so you can close your bag without loosing the space you need for all your restorative yoga props.

Check out this video for how to best fill your Yoga Tote Bag to get all your yoga props and accessories to fit.

The straps are thick and comfy because (just like our yoga straps,) we use 8 layers of fabric. This means they won't cut into your shoulders or fold easily. And we sew them into the bags several times to drastically reduce the chances of them ripping.

All of our Yoga Prop Bags reversible. So it's like getting two bags for the price of one! We generally try to use a beautiful print on one side with a complimenting solid colour on the opposite side. This way, you can decide from day to day if you want to add some personality to your practice or use something more neutral.

Like all of our products, the Yoga Prop Bags are made using repurposed fabric, so you're doing the earth some good. They are machine washable & dryable, which makes them super easy to care for. And all products are 100% guaranteed to last! If something were to rip or break with normal use, we will fix or replace your product.

Still not sure about our Yoga Prop Bags? Here are some reviews from very happy customers!
Jennifer D. said Full StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
"Love the pattern/fabric, larger than expected but it definitely holds everything I need (yoga mat, 2 blocks and a sweater). :)"

Joel B. said Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
"Got this for my girlfriend for her birthday. She loves it! Very big and practical, she can fit all her yoga accessories with room to spare."

Sheila S. said Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
"This extra large yoga mat bag is wonderful. Fits yoga mat plus my block and foam cushion. Have received compliments on the bag from some of my fellow classmates so have referred them to this website. Thanks."

If you want a Yoga Prop Bag for yourself, order here.
Love My Mat Extra Large Yoga Mat Tote Bags made in Canada
Our Love My Mat Yoga Prop Bags are large enough to hold your best friend!


Rosemary O'Neil said:

My bolster is 32 inches long and 32 inches around. Will it fit in your bag?

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