as a yoga instructor i hear this question frequently, especially from newer practitioners. because yoga can be difficult on the wrists if you haven't learnt how to use your hands properly. even for us seasoned yogi, these reminders are great.
if you've been spending any time in yoga studios, you've surely heard some of the following words... 

"press down firmly with the L of your thumbs & index fingers"

"lightly grip the mat with the pads of your finger tips"

"take weight out of the heel of your hands"

"lift the inner palm"

but like all poses or movements, sometimes words are hard to follow. most of us have a slightly different meaning of what we hear or say and some of us just don't respond well to audible instructions. so when i saw this info-graphic on by way of i just had to share it. Candace does a great job of visually explaining how to place every aspect of your hands when using them to support any yoga posture.

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