A bohemian inspired space has a globally inspired aesthetic that embraces the carefree, the relaxed, and the unusual. We love Boho decor and Boho lifestyle. Mixing fabrics, colours & textures with natural & vintage elements is totally our jam. So we thought we'd share some of the history and tips on how to incorporate touches of Boho into your home.

This form of design came out of early 19th century France when artists were moving to low-rent areas of Paris to seek alternatives to bourgeois expectations and pursuit of wealth. This melding of cultures gave birth to a vegabond lifestyle where the uniting feature was searching for a creative life. 

You can instantly pinpoint a boho space by its relaxed and carefree vibes, and its unique points of interest. But have you ever thought about what exactly makes a space bohemian? 

We’ve broken down some suggestions on how to incorporate this free-spirited approach to decorating into your home.

Comfortable Bohemian Style - Love My Mat

Don’t be afraid to mix things up and invite some juxtaposition in your design. Mix vintage and modern items, mix fabrics, mix textures. There is a certain flexibility or “laissez-faire” element to make what you have work. To make this less intimidating, pick a colour palette with one or two dominant colours and one or two accent colours and then experiment with matching pieces together. The goal is to create a comfortable, lived-in, and inviting space. Adding floor-cushions for seating invites your family and your guests to relax on the floor. Blankets bring in the cozy element and can keep guests warm, or can be used folded up for sitting. Think comfort and welcoming vibes as you create your own relaxed boho den. 

Boho Style Floor Cushion


Bright Spaces - Home Decor

Bright light and bright colours. There is nothing stuffy about this design. A bright colour can be one of your main colours throughout the space, or you can use it as your accent colour with a door or piece of furniture painted bright. Pick colours that make you happy.

Let natural light into the space if possible. Adding reflective surfaces is an easy way to reflect light and brighten up a space naturally.

Bright Space and Colour in the Home

Plants Home Decor - Love My Mat

Modern bohemian decor often has plants scattered throughout the space. This breathes new life into the space visually, but also can benefit the health of the air. With a calming aesthetic, adding plants is an instantaneous way to make a home feel more relaxed and full of life. Plants have been proven to make people healthier and happier. Read more about our favourite reasons for keeping house plants, and some low-maintenance faves here

Indoor Plants Boho Living

Natural and Handmade Boho Style - Love My Mat

Since this decor style was inspired by artists, it tends to celebrate the unique. Surrounding yourself with unique, hand made pieces inspires creativity in return. Natural elements such as burlap, macrame, wicker baskets, and rattan furniture soften the space and brings a hint of connection with nature. If you are a creative and nature-loving person, chances are you may already gravitate to this style for these reasons.

Macrame Boho Home Style

Personalize Your Home - Love My Mat

Remember that this style is all about freedom of expression and creating a space that is reflective of you. The only rule is that there are no rules! Incorporate art that you’re drawn to, items inspired from places you’ve travelled to or want to travel to, books, blankets, keepsakes surround yourself with things that you love. Don’t feel like you have to follow conventional rules, and instead fill your home with soulful objects.

Boho Lifestyle Floor Cushions

So there you have it! Now let loose and create a warm, inspiring and relaxed space that makes your heart sing.

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