Love My Mat 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Calm Home for the Holidays - 2020 Gift Guide

Share your passion for all things yoga, meditation & sustainable living with your loved ones this season. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for how to share our props and products with the non-yogis in your life.
Creating a Bohemian Inspired Home - Love My Mat

Creating a Bohemian Inspired Home

We love bohemian decor and a boho lifestyle. A bohemian inspired space is globally inspired and embraces the carefree, the relaxed, and the unusual.  Mixing fabrics, colours & textures with natural & vintage elements is totally our jam. So we've gathered some tips on how to incorporate touches of boho into your home.
How To Find Your Own Voice - Love My Mat

How To Find Your Own Voice

We got together with Lululemon Hamilton to offer a free event for the community. 75 people came together in a guided Group mediation, using bolsters, meditation cushions and chairs. Chris Wilson shares his experience of the event and how we helped him Find His Own Voice through visualization, tapping, movement & more.

How to be Mindful - Love My Mat

How to be Mindful

Your focus determines your reality. In times when it seems that everyone is feeling compressed, misunderstood and marginalized, the practice of mindfulness becomes even more crucial to slow the litany...