This Holiday season, we challenge you to up your gifting game. We say, “Down ↓ with high quantity gifts and up ↑ with high quality gifts.”

What does that mean you might be asking?

We live in a consumer society. Most of us buy whatever we want, whenever we want it. That makes gift-giving a little more challenging. So instead of buying as many things as you can, why not buy useful, unique and uplifting gifts for the loved ones of your list?

Gift Something Useful

Gifts don’t have to be frivolous. Think about the person you’re gifting to and what they could really use in their life. What would make their life easier? What would be useful for them?
Some examples of useful gifts we love are;

Gift Something Unique

Think out of the box and out of big box stores. Anyone can buy a sweater from Old Navy. Instead, gift something unique from an artist or maker. One-of-a-kind items can hold so much more meaning. 
Some examples of unique gifts we love are;

  • Artwork
  • Hand Painted Tea Towels
  • Specialty yoga props made from unique fabrics
  • An experience like zip lining or pottery class

Gift Something Uplifting

Christmas is all about spreading joy. Consider what makes your people happy and shop for items or experiences that will make them smile.
Some examples of uplifting gifts we love are;

  • Hand blended loose leaf tea
  • Our Uplift Essential Oil Blend with grapefruit & lavender
  • Concert tickets for their favourite small or local band
  • A photo book or digital frame

Gift Something Upcycled

Gifts don’t have to come in brand new packaging. Consider shopping at local thrift shops to find unique and recycled items. Stores like Value Village, Bibles for Missions and Talize have everything you could imagine from housewares to clothing to jewelry, toys & games. This is our favourite way to make Christmas gift giving as sustainable as possible.
Some examples of upcycled gift we love are;

  • Puzzles & games
  • Records or CD’s from their favourite musicians
  • Clothing
  • Vintage Blankets & throw pillows

Gift Something U Made

Handmade gifts are my favourite by far. Knowing that someone takes the time and care to craft something uniquely for me is amazing! You don’t need to have a special skill like knitting or woodworking to make something beautiful. Your family and friends will appreciate anything handmade by you!
Some examples of gifts made by U we love are;

  • Potted Plants (propagate a plant from your home & re-pot it)
  • Handmade cards
  • Freshly baked cookies & squares
  • DIY wreath or other holiday decor

Gifting doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Giving gifts should be fun and creative. It should connect you with your community in a way that sparks joy for all!

Happy gifting giving to you and yours this holiday season.

xo Shelley xo



November 30, 2022 — Shelley Gordon

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