We are here to help support you throughout this busy holiday season. Whether you need some props as a reminder to take some time to rest for yourself or you want to give the gift of restful support to a loved one, we have the best yoga and meditation props to support everyone's practices.


Come visit us in our Hamilton, Ontario yoga shop this holiday season. We are open Tuesday thru Fridays from 10am - 5pm and Saturdays until December 18 from 11am - 3pm.

We are also available for personalized shopping appointments or Sitting Fittings during these hours.  Feel free to stop by the shop and allow us to help you find what meditation cushions fit your body and practice style best.   

The best meditation pillows made in Canada

This is also an opportunity for us to help you in and out of various yoga poses so you can test out our bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps and other props. We encourage you to try as many props as possible to find the best way to support your unique needs and practice style. 


While lots of big box businesses will be celebrating Black Friday and Boxing Day with sales and promotions, as a small business paying a certified living wage, these corporate sales days don't make sense for our business. We strive to make the most sustainable yoga props and meditation cushions in Canada. The environmental impact of the fabrics we choose, the suppliers we purchase from and how we make our products matters deeply to us. We also put in the extra time and care to ensure the products we make as are sustainable and durable as possible.

For this reason, Love My Mat will not be participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. Instead we will continue to work hard to create the best yoga and meditation props without cutting corners or sacrificing our planet.

We will however be supporting Small Business Saturday with our biggest holiday sale happening for one day only on November 27th. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to gain early access.

We encourage you to shop local and support the small businesses in your community this holiday season.  You might not realize how much of a difference it makes when you buy a gift from a local business or pick up a coffee or tea from your favourite neighbourhood café, but every time you shop small you’re making a big difference.  These differences create more vibrate communities and give us the means to shop locally too!

Yoga Sale for Small Business Saturday

We will also be having a customer appreciation sale from December 9th - 11th. Every purchase over $100 will get to choose a free gift valued at up to $30. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on free yoga gifts!

Come See Us at the One Of A Kind Winter Show

We are beyond excited to be taking part in the One Of A Kind Winter Show this year. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to see people in person at this show. We look forward to chatting and educating you all on how yoga and meditation props can improve the quality of your lives.

Come see us at Booth N-39. We're in the last row this year, so it'll be easy to find us. We're bringing our most popular products to the OOAK Show this year with slightly reduced prices on the following products;

  • Long & Lean Bolsters
  • Mini Round Bolsters
  • Sitting Pretty Pillows
  • Modern Zafus
  • Zabutons 
  • Hot & Cold Therapy Bags
  • Flax & Lavender Eye Pillows
  • Yoga Mat Bags
  • Yoga Mat Cleaner
  • Essential Oils
  • Yoga Straps & Mat Straps
  • And some special bundled product packages that are only available at OOAK. 

If you plan on visiting the show and are looking for sandbags, buckwheat hull pillows, mini weighted blankets, hand weights or prana bolsters - please reach out to use first. These are items we will have very limited stock of at the show due to space restrictions. But we'd be happy to bring some in for you on request.

Yoga Products on Sale 


Did you know that credit card companies charge merchants up to 4% of each sale? You can help us keep our prices as low as possible by choosing to pay with Debit or cash. When you use your debit card, we are only charged $0.10 on each transaction, no matter how much you spend. 

In the spirt of giving, we wanted to do something special to appreciate your extra efforts to support our small business.  Anytime you pay with your debit card or cash, you can fill out a ballot to be entered to win this super special Long & Lean Bolster below. We'll be drawing the name for the magical bolster on Tuesday, December 21st. 

Special yoga bolster

Supporting Small Business in Hamilton, ON

We're all about supporting small business within our community. Businesses that are run by responsible women all trying to make a difference. Here's a list of some of our favourite local businesses you might want to shop at this holiday season. 

With My Hands At Home  

Monarch Tea Co.  


My Dad & Me Everyday Ornaments  

Sari Knot Sari  


Ottawa & Dundurn Market  

Vintage Coffee Roasters  

Hoot Furnishings

Nacher Vintage

Ten and Co.

The perfect gift is waiting for the loved ones on your list.  Shop small with us and our friends this season and feel good about responsible gift giving. 

Wishing you love & rest this holiday season. 
xo Shelley xo


Ashley Torrelli said:

I’m jousting doing my restorative yoga training and I’m looking for a bundle or some props on sale

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