Do you ever experience knee pain in some yoga poses like cat/cow and low lunge? Many people do, which is why we invented our flax-filled Knee Pillows. These little 6 inch squares were made to cradle your knees with the perfect amount of pillowy softness to distribute your weight and reduced pain.

Our signature Knee Pillows come as a set of two - because we have two knees!

In yoga poses that start from table top, you can place one pad under each knee to keep your pelvis neutral as you move with your breath. The flax seeds keep your patella off the ground as they form to your knees while you move. This distributes your weight evenly to the flax filling which takes pressure off the knees.

Knee Pads for Yoga

Our favourite poses for using Knee Pillows under your knees;

  • Cat/Cow
  • Bird Dog (shown above)
  • Lizard Pose
  • Camel Pose
  • Half Splits (Half Monkey Pose)
  • Half Plank Pose 
  • Low Lunge (shown below)

How to reduce Knee Pain in Low Lunge

Over the years of playing with these amazing knee pads, we've discovered many more uses. We use them as wedges for many yoga twists or restorative poses. Our Knee Pillows make great padding for any boney body parts. They cushion your head in any prone position and can be used in a variety of places to keep your body in proper alignment. Our little knee pillows are even great as sliders to add intensity to your workout.

Yoga Wedges for Restorative & Yin Yoga

Knee Pillows as Wedges

  • Under your shoulder in any supine twist where your shoulder blade doesn't quite rest on the ground (shown above)
  • Stack one or two under your waist while laying on your side to prevent collapsing
  • Place under the tops of your feet/ankles in Childs Pose
  • Under your heels in Downward Dog (shown below)
  • Between knees and hamstrings in Childs pose

Lift your Heels in Downward Dog

Knee Pillows to Prevent Bone on Bone (or Bone on Floor)

  • Between your knees
  • Between your ankles
  • Between ankles and the floor when sitting cross-legged or laying
  • Between elbows or forearms and the floor

Where to get the best yoga props in Canada

    Knee Pillows as Pillows

    • Under the head in Savasana or any supine position to keep neck neutral
    • Under the hands in Savasana to cushion them
    • In the hands for Savasana
    • Beside the feet in Savasana for ankles to roll onto
    • Under the hands in Downward Dog

    How to support yourself in Savasana

    Knee Pillows as Sliders

    • Under each foot in plank to do mountain climbers
    • Under your feet in wide leg forward fold - then actively pull legs toward each other and back out 
    • Under each foot to do pike planks
    • Under each foot to crawl in bear pose (knee stay lifted)
    • In Table Top Pose put one Knee Pillow under one knee and one under the opposite foot, extend leg back then out to the side and as far forward as you can

    Sliders for Yoga & Working Out

    If you're someone who experiences any type of pain or discomfort in your knees during yoga, you'll love our Knee Pillows. Even if you don't have knee pain, you can still benefit from using these little cushions for all the poses listed above - plus more! 

    Love My Mat Knee Pillows are light weight and super portable. Take them with you to class or keep them around the house. They are so handy, you'll wonder what you ever did without them.

    Knee Pads for Camel Pose in Yoga

    What makes our Knee Pillows even better than others? 
    These little knee pads are sustainably and locally made.

    1. We create them in our Hamilton, ON shop with left over fabric scraps - and because we only use upcycled and forgotten fabrics, that means these perfect pillows are doubly recycled!
    2. Our Knee Pillows are filled with biodegradable flax seeds sourced locally. We don't use any plastics or foams or petroleum based materials to pad them. Plus the flax doesn't have to travel far to get to our shop - reducing our emissions.
    3. Love My Mat Knee Pillows are beautifully unique. Many are one of a kind or super small batch because we use fabric scraps. We offer a variety of fabrics, colours and prints to suit any space and any taste. Everyone can find the perfect Knee Pillow just for you!

    Give them a try and we'll guarantee you love them. We've had countless people rave about our Knee Pillows that we're so confident you'll love them. If you don't - send them back to us and we'll refund your money.  Yoga prop reviewsStill not sure? Read what other yoga practitioners are saying about our Knee Pillows below.

    Knee Love

    Love the denim knee pillows; they’re filled to perfection and great cushions for the knees! Really dig the deep blue denim too. These are keepers like a favourite pair of jeans :) Sharon - 04/07/2021

    Oceana Knee Pillows

    These pillows have been so helpful in getting me back to my mat. The flax filling is the perfect combination of softness and stability for my knees. Thank you! Kelly - 02/23/2021

    Great addition to my practice

    These make poses like hero, camel, and bird dog so much gentler, and I love using them under my head or tailbone during savasana! These are a beautiful colour and sturdy but soft fabric. Totally recommend! Stephanie Shuster - 11/20/2020

    Best purchase ever!

    These knee pillows are the ideal for my yoga practice, best purchase ever.Suuz Ntrs - 11/01/2020

    Tatiana knee pillow

    Takes away knee pain from some poses. Highly recommend Mary - 10/31/2020

    Eva Vinyl knee pillow
    The vinyl is easy to clean, the pillow takes pressure off my knee during poses and it’s very nice to you them in each hand during Savasana 🙏🏻 Will buy more items from this lovely business - Isabelle Potvin - 09/30/2020

    Vinyl knee pillows
    These little pillows have saved my knees so many times. There were exercises or yoga moves that required me to balance on me knees but the pain prevented me from doing. But not anymore I do it all with the help from my knee pads. I take them everywhere and also use for gardening, as they are cloth washable. J. Fraser - 08/10/2020

    Knee Pillow

    The knee pillows are really good. Make it possible to do some postures painlessly! Ann Thomas - 07/21/2020 

    Cushions for yoga and knee pain

    We know you'll love our Knee Pillows just as much as all our people do. So what are you waiting for? You can buy them here.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out anytime! Thanks so much for reading. Sending you love and rest,
    xo Shelley xo

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