There’s just something about the timing of Virgo season. It comes to us right as summer is winding down. When the back to school vibes can be felt by students and non students alike. And when we hold a sense of readiness to prepare for Fall and what lies ahead. 

The Sun will journey through the zodiac sign of Virgo between August 23rd and September 22nd, 2019. 
Grounded Virgo thrives on routine, being organized and planning out the future. They make order from chaos.

Like the other Earth signs Capricorn and Taurus, Virgo shares the quality of being grounded and hardworking. However, when I think of the people I know who have a strong Virgo presence in their birth chart, the distinction becomes their organizational ability, attention to detail and the fondness they have for routine and habits. I love being around these inspirational individuals! They influence me to get shit done!

So let’s take a look at the next 30 days and determine when there is an extra special cosmic occurrence happening to make the most of the Sun’s time in Virgo:

New Moon in Virgo on Friday, August 30th - Ready? Set Goals!
The time to plan a course of action for what you want to do and how you want to feel over the next season is now!

Goal Setting in Virgo SeasonNothing like the beginning of a new lunation to kick start the task of goal setting for the weeks and months ahead. The new moon phase is always a favourable time to set an intention or form a new habit, and this Virgo placement will super-charge your motivation and potential output. Take advantage of this once-a-year occurrence and go a step further: I recommend writing down 2-3 goals in the areas of your health, career & personal desires for the month, the next six months and year (some goals may repeat through each time frame). 

Examples of How to Write Your Goals 

One Month Goal
Health - Mon-Fri I am in bed by 10:30pm
Starting Monday, September 1, 2019 

Six Month Goal
Career - Twice a week I listen to a podcast or audiobook related to personal development and high achievement 
Starting Saturday, October 26, 2019 

One Year Goals 
Personal - I have a 2020 family membership to the Royal Botanical Gardens 
Starting Friday, December 17, 2019

Important Goal Setting Points

  1. Goals are written in the present tense - write them as though you’ve already put them in action. 
  2. Be clear and specific - vague goals make it hard to determine if you’re reaching them.
  3. Attach a DD MM YYYY start date - this will support you in balancing out your new routines and avoid the overwhelm of taking too much on at one time. 
  4. Consider yourself successful if you're reaching approximately 50% of the goals you set, it's not about perfection.

I’d like to acknowledge that my journey with goal setting began over a decade ago through my employment with Lululemon. I continue to use many of their approaches when writing down my goals. If you like worksheets, here is a link to a sweet resource of theirs.

How to Use The Desire Map Book

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte is another big resource of mine. Her approach centres from the feeling you want to experience through the reaching of a goal. She brings a feminine, Yin energy to an otherwise masculine, Yang process. 

Check it out if you like reading and worksheets:

Ultimately, write down your goals in a way that speaks to you and gets you excited! They are a gift for you, from you.

(Above are some of my goal sheets over the years - fun to look back on!)

 Venus Enters Libra on Saturday, September 14th - Experience the simple pleasures brought on by music. It's medicine for the mind, body and soul.
Virgo Season

In astrology, the planet Venus is the Lover archetype, which is a reference you were probably already aware of. Like the Moon, Venus is considered feminine energy. However, rather than being the maternal figure, Venus is all about pleasure, attraction, beauty and indulgence. Venus wants us to stop and admire art and nature. She wants us to slow down and enjoy what makes us feel good. When Venus is in her home sign of Libra, these desires can be stronger and more favourable for us to partake in. Let’s shed a bit more light on this darling sign of the zodiac and further understand why Venus’ travels here are oh so splendid!

Libra is all about bringing harmony into interpersonal relationships and social settings. They are more detached and cerebral (air sign) giving them the ability to be objective and fair. The have no time for violence or selfishness. They are considered the most sarcastic sign, one of the top lovers of the zodiac (second only to Taurus) and are the most connected to music. For this reason, on Saturday, September 14th, my recommendation is that we all go out and enjoy music on a deeper level. 

Suggestions for what for do on September 14th, 2019:

  • Go see a live musical performance 
  • Learn a new lullaby and sing it with your child
  • Make a fresh playlist and then sit back and listen to it OR 
  • Listen to your all-time-favourite tracks
  • Watch a documentary on a musical legend
  • Own an instrument? Play it!

Music’s effect on us has been repeatedly studied and found to have many therapeutic benefits.

Music supports numerous aspects of our mental health including:

  • memory retention
  • mood enhancement
  • cognitive performance 
  • lowers stress and depression

Read this recent article on this subject to learn more:

Remember, the moon travels through each sign of the zodiac every month. Meaning that if you really enjoy infusing dedicated time to music into your routine, you can schedule it during the moon's passage through Libra and not just when Venus transits there. (Upcoming days the moon is in Libra: September 1st, 2nd, 28th & 29th).

Yes Virgo Season is the time we get back to work but it is also the time to take care. It's about reeling in from the wild, care-free (and often chaotic) nature of the summertime to return to the ways we can best serve ourselves and those we love. Planning, organizing, routine - all these things will help us thrive in the season ahead. Go out and conquer this Virgo Season! You got this!

I hope that you are enjoying these blogs and that the suggestions and information presented is opening you up to the many ways you can support your self awareness and personal growth! Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think about the first three Lunar & Astrological Influences posts. Shelley and I would love to hear your feedback!

May you feel more reunited in aligning with the sky above and smile whenever you look up.



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