9 Quick & Easy Ways to Add Mindfulness & Meditation into Your Daily Life

Shelley's tip on how to get some type of mindfulness into your daily life. Relieve stress and find calm with some mini meditations and easy exercises that take 1 to 5 minutes each.

Benefits of Meditation

We're committing to sitting every day in January. Want to join us? Read about the benefits of daily meditation and learn some simple meditation methods to start.

Using Props to Elevate the Meditation Experience by Lara Wharton

Lara Wharton, of Listen Lightly, explains why posture is so important to your meditation practice and how the use of meditation props can elevate your experience.

Sisterhood & Sustainability with Bodega Wellness X Love My Mat

One of our aims is to help you incorporate mindfulness into your lifestyle through yoga and meditation. CBD oil is another avenue to bring wellness to the forefront of your life. We are now launching Bodega's LAMM CBD Oil Tincture as a shoppable item on our website Get to know the vision behind Bodega Wellness, our Sisterhood and Sustainability Feature for August. 

Self Care in Times of High Stress

Cara-Lea Suttie breaks down the different elements of self-care, so you can effectively integrate into your life for times of high stress.

Yoga and Mediation Offerings Inspiring Us to Practice at Home

In light of slowing down and staying home, we've compiled a list of online yoga and meditation offerings that have inspired us to get grounded and get moving.

Checking In With Yourself Before Everyone Else

Simple rules for self-care and social media consumption. Read Love My Mat owner, Shelley Gordon's experience on how one new habit can improve your daily life. 

How to Live in Virgo Season - Lunar & Astrological Influences

Fall and Back to School vibes are in the air! The Sun will journey through the zodiac sign of Virgo between August 23rd and September 22nd, 2019 and is a splendid time to revisit your post summer routines and habits. Grounded Virgo thrives on order, being organized and planning out the future making now an ideal time to goal set and line up the ways you will take care of yourself in the weeks and months ahead. Read the full post to find out how you can make the most of this year's Virgo Season!

Lunar & Astrological Influences - Leo Season

The astrological tone for Leo Season (July 22nd-August 23rd) is much lighter and brighter than last month and encourages us to open our hearts to joy and to get playful! Think of it as a cosmic recess! Read the full blog to learn about some key days during the season that you can be your most productive and most rested self. 

How To Find Your Own Voice

We got together with Lululemon Hamilton to offer a free event for the community. 75 people came together in a guided Group mediation, using bolsters, meditation cushions and chairs. Chris Wilson shares his experience of the event and how we helped him Find His Own Voice through visualization, tapping, movement & more.

Planting Seeds in Spring

With spring in the air, it’s time to turn thoughts and actions towards planting seeds of change and looking at ways...

5 Ways to Adjust to Daylight Savings Time

Spring ahead! It is the time of year where we eagerly anticipate the return of green grass, warmer weather and a fres...

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