October's Challenge has a few parts. Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s passion for protecting our planet, I’m making some small changes that will lead the way for bigger, more impactful ones.

Challenge/Change #1 – No Disposable Cups

Say no to take out cups

For the month of October (and hopefully forever,) I will no longer be using disposable cups. I usually make a tea at home every morning, but I definitely hit a drive thru for tea at least a few times each week. It may seem small, but this single act will save at least 15 cups from being produced and entering landfills this month.

This means no tea from the drive thru at Tim Horton’s or Starbucks unless I have a reusable travel mug with me.

Can you join me on this one? Even just for one month? No disposable cups. Make your tea or coffee at home. Bring a travel mug with you. Take a month off from drinking your favourite hot beverage. Making this simple change will help reduce your footprint on our precious & over taxed earth and heighten your awareness of the changes we all need to be making.

If you need more proof that this small change can have big effects. Check out 1 Million Women's Blog Post about how harmful "just one cup" can be.

Reducing Waste to Fight Climate Change - One Cup At A Time

Challenge/Change #2 – Planting Trees

After watching Greta’s speech at the UN Climate Action Summit, (watch it here) and learning more about her message & the urgency required to counteract climate change, we’ve decided that for each sale on our website this month, we will be planting a tree.

This month we’re partnering with OneTreePlanted.org to have a tree planted for every sale on our website. And for any items bought from our Harvest Home Collection  – we’ll have an extra tree planted.

One Tree Planted in partnership with Love My Mat

In the video below Thunberg and her friend, George Monboit point out that natural climate change solutions are a cost-effective way of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. And one of the simplest solutions is to plant more trees.

Monboit says, “there is a magic machine that sucks carbon out of the air, costs very little and builds itself. It’s called a tree.” This really hit home for me because it’s so simple. We all know this, right? We all know so why aren’t we planting more tree?

Want to help plant trees but don’t need any products right now?
You can donate to OneTreePlanted.org directly.

Challenge/Change #3 – Cleaning Our Community

We care about cleaning up litter
Photo: by Rachael Hatley of Hatley & Associates, LLC, founder of The Litter Letter Project.

As a family we walk a lot. It’s one of my favourite ways to socialize & exercise. And I’ve been missing it with a sprained ankle that just won’t seem to heal. So I’m sort of re-doing the walking challenge I did in April.

I’ll be getting outside for a walk everyday and this time I’ll be picking up any litter I see on my way. I’ll bring a reusable bag with me to pick up trash & help keep our community clean.

I’m especially excited about doing this with my sons. About teaching them the importance of taking care of our earth and our community. About the importance of giving back with selfless acts – no matter how big or small.

Love My Mat Family Hike

I will also be personally donating $1 to plant a tree for every bag of trash my boys help me collect on our walks. I want my sons to know that the future of our earth, of their home matters greatly to me and hopefully to them.

With the season changing and the daytime hours dwindling, this walking/clean up challenge is perfect. It will encourage us to get fresh air and enjoy the outdoors before the cold winter arrives. Collecting trash will make it fun, educational and purposeful for my kids, friends and family when we’re walking together. And donating more trees to be planted will foster love for our planet.

October is gearing up to be a busy month, but one I’m excited about. Hopefully my words have inspired you to make some small changes and to look for more inspiration on how you can make a difference.

For October let's focus on;

  1. Saying NO to disposables
  2. Planting more trees
  3. Moving, Breathing & Cleaning

What will you be doing to make a difference?

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