I adore fabrics. I love how they look, how they feel, how they smell. I especially love vintage & used fabrics for the history they hold. How these fabrics can elevate a space aesthetically and energetically.

One of my favourite things we do here at Love My Mat is to create custom collections for yoga studios, meditation spaces & home yoga practitioners.  People come to us with a colour or theme in mind, we discuss their needs & how they want their space to feel and look.

We spend days or weeks or sometimes months discussing fabric options before we decide on the perfect collection. But no matter how long it takes, I enjoy every single second of it. And our customers are always overjoyed once they receive their final, personalized collection.

Love My Mat Classic Yoga Mat Bags - Black & Gold
A couple weeks ago I found two equally gorgeous, gently used duvet covers. One was a stunning black & white duvet cover and the other a bright, sunny yellow & white. 

They reminded me of the space between day & night. Where the sun still reflects a golden hue as the sky begins to turn black. They inspired me to build a collection for fall that reflects the crisp weather, the changing leaves and the shift into equal amounts of sunlight & darkness as the days become shorter and the nights longer.

Fall Yoga Collection by Love My Mat

All of the pieces in this collection stand strong on their own. But I’ve made it so you can purchase two or three or four items and know they will all sit well together. My hope is that you can choose the pieces you love from this collection to fill your home with consciously made pieces that encourage rest, healing, meditation, reflection, movement, comfort and peace. A sense of peace knowing that as the weather and daylight shift – your practice can remain consistent, grounded & authentic to you.

Many of these pieces are one-of-a-kind, handmade in our little shop in Hamilton. Most items have been made with vintage or reclaimed fabrics. Some items are made from deadstock or discontinued fabrics we’ve rescued. But all are full of love and looking for a new home.

We are so very excited to introduce our first ever collection. Carefully curated, delicately sewn and beautifully designed to enhance your home. The Harvest Home Collection is coming soon. The collection goes live online on Tuesday, October 1st at 10am.

Shelley hug & kiss

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, we will be planting a tree for each product sold in this collection in partnership with OneTreePlanted.org.

Please watch the video below and subscribe to Greta's YouTube Channel.


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One Tree Planted

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