I was speaking with a customer about the effects that Covid is having on our lives. She said, “Everything seems 30% harder right now.” and it really struck me. Yes! That's it. Everything is 30% harder right now. I'm in reaction mode. My stress and anxiety levels are off the charts. My emotions are running at full capacity so even the smallest things can really set me off.

Add to that the mess in the US right now. All the injustices to Indigenous peoples here in Canada. Our children learning from home for an undetermined amount of time. Seeing everyone else struggling. Not being about to seek comfort in a hug from my mom. And I'm spent. The psychological stress of staying home on top of everything else is undeniable.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm guessing you're feeling some sense of pressure, overwhelm, anxiety or uncertainty, too? Maybe life is 30% harder for you too? Or 50% harder or 90% harder? We're all in our own boats, but floating on the same turbulent sea.  

Psychological Stress of Staying Home

Meditation has a way of helping me find calm - even if it's just for a few moments. One of my absolute favourite guided meditations is by Jon Kabat-Zinn. The Mountain Meditation reminds us to feel grounded in our essential selves. To remain present no matter the storm around us.

I've recorded this meditation and am sharing it with you in hopes that it brings you some comfort and calm. Please take a moment to remove any distractions, find a comfortable seat, press play, close your eyes and connect with your self. 


If meditation isn't your thing, there are many ways to combat the feelings of stress and anxiety that comes with from staying at home during this pandemic. We're working from home. Schooling from home. Playing from home. Zooming from home. There is definitely a level of psychological stress that comes with staying home so much.

Some more of our favourite ways to reduce stress & anxiety?

  1. Practice yoga or movement
  2. Go for a walk outside
  3. Take a bath with epsom salts & lavender oil
  4. Watch a funny movie
  5. Lift weights (we love using our 10Lbs Sandbags)
  6. Read a book by your favourite author
  7. Turn on your favourite song and dance
  8. Enjoy a cup of tea while sitting by a window to observe nature

Drinking Tea to reduce anxiety

For almost a year we have been consumed by news of a health care crisis. Is that doesn't cause psychological stress, I don't know what does? So much of what we hear or see on the news, social media & in conversations with friends is Covid crisis related. But as my friend, Candace said, "Where is the focus on the HEALTH crisis?"
Back in the spring many of us believed the silver lining to this pandemic would be that it would jumpstart a wellness revolution and everyone would make their own health a priority. But our addiction to fear and suffering seems to be winning over our desire to be healthy. The media's obsession with the negative side of Covid is such a heavy burden for us to carry. I'm not saying we should ignore the Covid crisis, but instead suggesting that we take regular breaks from consuming the negative news & conversations in exchange for focusing on keeping ourselves and our households healthy and in good spirits.
Can we please start hearing and sharing advice that sounds more like this? 
  1. Cut down your sugar intake because it impairs your immune system.
  2. Get outside, even when it is cloudy, so your body produces Vitamin D.
  3. Exercise regularly!
  4. Eat your vegetables and lots of them.
  5. Maintain social connections for your mental health.
  6. Sleep more and reduce your stress

Sleep well to reduce psychological stress

Let’s encourage each other to keep our minds and bodies strong so if/when we are faced with illness we can have a fighting chance.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience, please reach out. I'm always here for you.

xo Shelley xo

January 17, 2021 — Shelley Gordon

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