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The Benefits of Meditation

Many of us are aware of what's good for us, like getting a good nights sleep, eating less processed foods, exercising, worrying less and meditation. But how many of us are actually achieve all this on a daily basis? Of course it's hard to find the time, but practicing just one of the items listed above for just 5 minutes a day can have a wonderfully positive impact on your life.

Why not dedicate your 5 minutes of "you time" to Meditation?

You don't have to be good at it, because it requires no skill. Simply give yourself 5 minutes a day to sit comfortably (perhaps on a meditation cushion?) and pay attention to your breath. That's it. That's all you have to do to experience the following benefits.

The Benefits of Daily Meditation 

  • Reduce pain & enhance the body's immune system
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, anger & confusion
  • Increase blood flow & slow the heart rate
  • Gain a sense of calm, peace & balance
  • Helps reduce heart disease
  • Helps on control thoughts
  • Increase energy & stamina
  • Reduces stress

If you're unsure about how to get started with a daily meditation practice, we've listed a few methods you can try.

The 4 x 4
Simply inhale to the count of 4, pause to a count of 4, exhale to a count of 4, pause to a count of 4
then repeat as many times as you'd like!

Words & Pictures
Sit comfortably with your eye closed, paying attention to your breath. In an effort to keep your mind focused on your breath, you'll use two labels for anything that pops into your mind. If you're having thoughts about your day, making lists or worrying, simply say the word "WORDS" to yourself. And if you're seeing images of people or scenes, simply say the word "PICTURES." Using these words will help stop your thoughts from snowballing and should get you back to focusing on your breath.

Belly Breath
While sitting or laying comfortably, rest your hands on your belly. As you breathe in and out, notice how your belly expands and releases. Continue to pay attention to your breath with the help of your belly moving your hands to keep you physically reminded to breathe.

If you're interested in trying meditation, we encourage you to try one of our Sitting Pretty Pillows. It will allow your hips to open and your low back to release when sitting cross legged to make meditation a breeze.






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