We make our Hot & Cold Therapy Bags similar to the traditional Magic Bag, only better! We've improved the old design your mother loved by making it longer and wider for better coverage.

How are we better than Magic Bags?

  • Our Therapy Bags are 5" longer than a typical Magic Bag
  • We've created four separate compartments to ensure an even distribution of grains.
  • We use Wheat Berries instead of rice or flax seeds because the seeds are larger and hold the heat & cold longer.
  • We make a removable and washable cover so it's so much easier to keep your Therapy Bag clean.
  • AND we do it all as sustainably as possible. No polyester. No fleece. Locally sourced grains from the Canadian Prairies. And upcycled fabrics. 
Longer Magic Bags made in Canada

All these combine to make a bigger and better Therapy Bag that supports you whether you need heat or cool on your bumps, bruises and sprains.

How long does a Therapy Bag last?

Love My Mat's Therapy Bags can last for up to 200 uses provided you adhere to the guidelines we suggest. After 200 heats they loose their effectiveness to retain heat and cold. A typical Magic Bag needs to be replaced after 100 uses.

Probably a much shorter life span than you expected right?
Feeling like you need to replace your Therapy Bag hot/cold compress?
Have a look at our Therapy Bag Collection here

Hot & Cold Compress for Spine

How to responsibly dispose of your Therapy Bag?

  • remove cover
  • cut inner bag open
  • pour wheat berries into your green bin or compost bin
  • inner cushion cane used as a rag or thrown away
  • cover can be used as a bag, a rag or thrown away

How to store your Therapy Bag?

We recommend having two Therapy Bags. One to keep in the freezer and one to keep in the bathroom or kitchen cupboard. That way you always have one ready whether you need heat or cold in a pinch.

If you only have one Therapy Bag we recommend storing it in the freezer. You can keep it in a reusable silicone bag (we love Stasher bags), or a freezer-safe container. This will help to keep the freezer smells out of it. Be sure to let it sit out for at least 30 minutes before heating it in the microwave to avoid uneven heating or burning. 

How to clean your Therapy Bag?

The inner pillow that holds the grains cannot be washed but it can be spot cleaned. If it becomes soiled, use a damp cloth to wipe away the stain. Then leave the bag to dry on a flat surface before putting it back into the cover and whatever container you store it in.

A washable cover is a must for anything you're placing directly on your skin. Machine wash the cover on cold and pop it in the dryer. (Or you can hang it dry to save on hydro.) Wash the cover monthly or every 10 - 20 uses.

Microwavable Grain Bags for hot & cold therapy

Best way to care for your Therapy Bag?

  • remove cover when heating in microwave
  • place a small mug of water in the microwave when heating to avoid burning
  • wait at least one hour between each heating
  • wait at least 30 minutes from freezer to microwave
  • wash cover often
  • replace your Therapy Bag after 200 uses

Need a new Hot & Cold Therapy Bags?

Visit our Therapy Bag Collection to choose your next best friend in home therapy use. 

If you love your current cover skip the new cover and simply purchase a Replacement Inner Bag. You'll save money and reduce your waste!

Hot & Cold Therapy Bags better than Magic Bags

August 08, 2023 — Shelley Gordon

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