Looking to reduce stress and add some extra relaxation to your life? A Flax & Lavender Eye Pillow could be just what you're looking for. It's one of the smallest and least expensive props with many uses (that extend beyond yoga) and some powerful benefits.

Benefits of Using an Eye Pillow

• Reduce stress
• Relieve headaches
• Induce sleep
• Decrease anxiety
• Relieve dry eyes
• Reduce eye puffiness & swelling
• Shields the eyes from visual stimulation & light
• Enables facial relaxation

Using a lavender eye pillow can help relieve anxiety, tension headaches and even insomnia. You can heat your eye pillow in the microwave or oven to experience a warming relaxation sensation. Heated eye pillows are great to relieve dry eyes that have been strained by screens all day long. Or try cooling your eye pillow in the freezer to reduce swelling, puffiness and the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Napping with an Eye Pillow

Okay, so you read all the benefits above, but HOW does one little Eye Pillow help so much? Let's look at a little bit of the science behind it.

The Science of Weighted Pressure

Placing an Eye Pillow over your eyes applies soft pressure to the eyelids which stimulates the vagus nerve. The Vagus Nerve is the main nerve responsible for balancing the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system oversees many of our body's crucial functions like mood control, heart rate, immune response and digestion.

So when we add pressure to the vagus nerve with an eye pillow over the eye lids, it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which gives the body permission to relax by sending calming messages down the neck, shoulders, chest, heart and stomach.

Adding weight to the eyelids evokes the oculocardiac reflex which lowers the heart rate. A lower heart rate allows the heart to pump more blood with each contraction which calms and heals the body.

The Science of Aromatherapy
*All of the info below come from the NCBI

The The National Center for Biotechnology Information has conducted studies that prove Lavender is "as an excellent natural remedy to treat insomnia and improve the sleep quality."

"Anxiolytic effect of lavender was superior to placebo in 221 patients suffering from anxiety disorder. In addition, lavender improved associated symptoms such as restlessness, disturbed sleep, and somatic complaints and had a beneficial influence on general well-being and quality of life."

"Alleviation of anxiety and mood improvement were reported in thirty-six patients admitted to an intensive care unit, who received lavender oil (diluted to 1% concentration) aromatherapy []."

"Essential oils delivered via inhalation route may exert psychologic effects, because the olfactory bulb has limbic inputs in the amygdala and hippocampus that are associated with emotion and memory."

Relaxation Eye Pillows for Kids

How to Use an Eye Pillow

There are numerous ways to use an Eye Pillow and experience its benefits. Whether you heat it, cool it or keep it at room temperature is up to you. Once you've decided on your preferred temperature, find a comfy place to lay down then gently drape the Eye Pillow over your face. It should cover from your brow line to the lower parts of orbital bones (just under the eyes). You should feel the weight on the eye sockets, but also around the eyes for maximum benefits.

How to care for your Eye Pillow

• Keep your Eye Pillow in a dry place.
• Keep it in a sealed bag to prolong the lavender scent.
• Remove the cover to machine wash & dry after a few uses to keep it clean.
• If keeping it in the freezer, store it in a bag.
• When heating in the microwave, removing the cover will prolong the life.
• When heating in the microwave you can add a small cup of water to reduce chances of burning.
• To re-scent your Lavender Eye Pillow, put a drop of pure essential lavender oil on your finger and massage it into the inner pillow.

How to re-scent a lavender eye pillow

Different ways to use your Eye Pillow

• Keep one in the freezer for a mini cold pack.
• To boost your mood.
• Use your Eye Pillow as a cushion under your head, between your knees, under your hands or under your ankles.
• Have some fun and play catch with your kids!
• Use it as a noise dampener. Rest your phone on it overnight so you're not disturbed by the vibrations.

Eye Pillow uses for holding iPhone

What makes our Eye Pillows better?

• Love My Mat Eye Pillows are slightly longer than the standard sizes to cover the full brow line and around to the temples.
• Eye Pillow Covers can be removed to machine wash and dry.
• Filled with locally grown flax seeds.
• Weigh 135g for the right amount gentle acupressure.
• Scented with dried lavender buds and therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil.
• Love My Mat Eye Pillows are pretty unique. Made with upcycled fabrics in small batches means that you can find the perfect print just for you!

Flax Seeds and Lavender for Eye Pillows

Ready to try an Eye Pillow? A Lavender Eye Pillow is a small investment towards a calmer you. Shop our whole collection of beautiful Eye Pillows here.

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