Whatever your holiday plans are this year, it’s likely that it is going to look and feel quite different than previous years. It’s so important for us to hold self compassion and honour where we are at emotionally with this. We encourage you to nourish your body and mind to invite a calm holiday season at home. Here are the ways we are practising a mindful holiday.

Share: Because the holidays are about sharing joy, and that doesn’t change this year! Share in whatever way you can. Is there a cause that you care about that you can share resources for - with a donation, a gift, with spreading awareness? Our impact and our reach is further than we might initially imagine, and can bring a sense of purpose to our days and peace of mind.

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Connect: Connection is at the heart of the holidays. Take time to connect with yourself and your inner world and then reach out and connect to your outer world. Spend quality time with those in your household - meaning put the phone away and create a shared experience with board games, holiday movies, and conversation. Connect with your loved ones outside of your immediate circle - send holiday cards, try porch drop offs. Take time to reach out to and connect with loved ones virtually - especially those that may be more alone during the holidays. Find the joy in connecting however you can. 

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Gratitude: A practice of gratitude can have amazing impacts on your mind and overall well-being. Studies have shown that a regular gratitude practice can improve self esteem, enhance empathy, increase resiliency and improve sleep. The more we look for things to be grateful for, the more they become apparent in our day to day life and we move into a place of appreciation. This simple practice takes only a few moments in the morning and/or evening to set the tone for your day. 

Meditation Benefits a Calm Mind


Joy: One of our favourite things to do to find holiday joy is to go for walks in the evenings and look at the lights and decorations in the neighbourhood. It is a great way to get fresh air, get moving, spend time together, and marvel in the magic of the season! Find what bring you joy during this season and invite it into your everyday with holiday movies, enjoying hot beverages, or dancing to seasonal music!

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Self Care: Self compassion can’t happen without self care. Your holiday season might look different, honour the emotions that arise around that. Return to your self care practices - yoga or stretching, eating nourishing foods, journaling, going for a run, meditation - whatever self care looks like for you. Incorporating self care tools such as beautiful meditation cushions or bolsters into the decor of your home can remind you of these daily practices.

Self Care with Bolsters

Meditation is my go-to for getting myself calm and centred. Whether you have 5 minutes or 30 minutes, sitting quietly can offer a much needed reset for your mind & body. It's the ultimate act of self care, in my books.
While meditation benefits are nearly endless - one thing’s for sure is that your mind will thank you for your practice. We recommend a Metta Meditation, for Loving Kindness this time of year - and we just so happen to have one you can listen to here


December 09, 2020 — Michelle Smith

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