Love My Mat started out with a dream to make a good, eco-friendly yoga mat cleaner. But we knew we couldn't just sell mat cleaner when we decided to do our first consumer show in 2010. So, we started turning old curtains and table cloths into Yoga Mat Bags. This is how our devotion to re-purposing old textiles into yoga props was sparked. 

Fast forward a few years and we've re-designed our Classic Yoga Mat Bags several times. As yoga mats got larger and heavier, we made our bags wider and longer and stronger. Once we couldn't leave our homes without our cell phones, we changed the small inner pocket to a large exterior zipper pocket. 

In an effort to make a mat carrier that was less bulky and less costly, we began making Yoga Mat Straps. These yoga mat carriers make it easy to keep your mat rolled up so you can throw it over your shoulder while walking in and out of the yoga studio. Or across your chest while riding your bike to and from yoga class.

Once yoga props were being more widely used, we designed a whole new bag that could carry all of our gear. Our Yoga Prop Bags have also been updated and improved a few times. They've become wider and taller. We added more pockets. Made the straps thicker and made them reversible. This is the kind of bag you don't know you need until you have one.

Our newest bag design is the Everyday Tote Bag. Made from unbleached cotton canvas that we rescue from a dead stock warehouse and branded with our Do Good • Feel Good graphic. You'll love all the pockets and how easily these Market Tote Bags wash and wear.

We love all of these yoga mat carriers. But which one is right for you? Below you'll find a list of all the benefits of each option to help you determine the best bag for you!

Classic Yoga Mat Bags

Our first ever upcycled product - The Classic Yoga Mat Bags holds a special place in our hearts. Large enough to carry any size and weight of yoga mat but small enough to not feel like a huge bag. Of course this bag was made to carry your yoga mat, but we love that it can double as a cross-body bag to hold things like rolling pins, workout gear, or a rolled up picnic blanket with snacks. 

Love My Mat Yoga Mat Bag Details
  • Fits any size yoga mat with room for small props & personal items
  • Full length zipper for easy access
  • Thick, comfy strap that doesn't cut into your shoulder
  • Super well made with reinforced seams to hold even the heaviest yoga mats
  • Machine wash and dry for easy care
  • Made with upcycled, lightweight fabric so the bag doesn't feel heavy and can pack up super small
  • Unique fabrics on the outside and inside for a cute finish and durability
  • 29" long x 12" diameter (74 cm x 30 cm)
  • 8" x 8" exterior zipper pocket (20 cm x 20 cm)

Classic Yoga Mat Bags made in Canada

Yoga Mat Straps

Sometimes you want to keep things simple. That's why we created our Multi-layer Yoga Mat Straps. Sewn with unique fabrics so that you can find one to match your yoga mat and your personality.

Love My Mat Yoga Mat Strap Sketch
  • Adjust loops to any size yoga mat
  • No noisy velcro
  • Made with multiple layers of fabrics for comfort and durability
  • Sewn well with reinforced seams to avoid rips or breakage
  • Machine wash & dry (iron as needed)
  • Doubles as a yoga strap so it's like two props in one
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Cost effective at only $24 
  • 2" wide x 5.5' long (5 cm x 168 cm)

Yoga Mat Straps made in Ontario

Extra Large Yoga Prop Bags

This bag is everything. It's large enough to hold a bolster, yoga mat, two yoga blocks, a blanket, strap, eye pillow and more. But because we use light fabrics, it doesn't feel like a huge bag when it's not full. We especially love these Yoga Prop Bags for trips to the beach, packing a full picnic + blanket, travelling or grocery shopping. Because our Prop Bags are machine washable, they're perfect for pretty much everything. 

Love My Mat Yoga Prop Bag Sketch
  • Extra large design holds all your yoga accessories
  • Ribbon ties to keep your props secure without sacrificing space
  • Made from unique, repurposed duvet covers & forgotten fabrics
  • Reversible! Flip inside-out for a new look
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Three pockets to keep your props well organized
  • Light weight fabric to ensure your bag isn't too heavy
  • Thick, comfy straps that won't cut into your shoulder
  • 28" wide x 17" deep (71 cm x 43 cm)
  • One 8" x 8" exterior zipper pocket (20 cm x 20 cm)
  • Two 9" x 7" open inner pockets (23 cm x 18 cm)

Extra Large Yoga Prop Bags sustainably made in Canada

Everyday Tote Bags

With simplicity and functionality in mind, we designed these Market Tote Bags to be your everyday bag. Branded with our Do Good • Feel Good logo to remind you to always do your best. Plenty of space and pockets to hold everything you need to leave the house to run your never-ending list of errands.

  • Made with dead stock, unbleached cotton canvas
    Everyday Canvas Tote Bag made in Canada
  • Straps sewn with left over pieces of 100% cotton webbing we use to make our Natural Yoga Mat Straps to make them extra strong & doubly recycled
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Super durable
  • Lots of pockets to keep your things organized
  • High quality Do Good • Feel Good screen print
  • Can be used as a Yoga Mat Tote Bag to carry your yoga mat with room for your water bottle, strap, phone & wallet
  • 15" tall x 11" wide x 5" deep (39cm x 29xm x 13cm)
  • Zipper Pocket 6" x 8" (15cm x 20cm)
  • Two Open Pockets 6" tall x 5.5" wide (15cm x 14cm)

Everyday Canvas Tote Bag

There really is a bag for any use in our collection of sustainably made bags. Shop our full selection of yoga bags and yoga mat carriers here. Then let us know which one you like best and why in the comment section below.


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I am interested in your extra large yoga prop bag, is there a choice of fabrics?
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