sustainable yoga props

The Importance of Sustainable Textiles

How Love My Mat is tackling the harmful, wasteful textile industry and what you can do to reduce your environmental impact.

How to Use A Yoga Bolster for Beginners

Some notes on why you need a bolster if you're new to yoga, how to make one at home plus the best and not-so-common ways to use a bolster.

What Makes Love My Mat a Sustainable Yoga Prop Company

Transparency is important to us so I want to share more about what makes Love My Mat's design approach, production methods and processes as sustainable as possible.

Mini Weighted Blankets To Deepen Rest

Shelley Gordon & Kelly Lightfoot designed our Mini Weighted Blankets with sustainability and your health in mind. Find rest and ease as you add weight to your yoga and meditation practice.

The Best Yoga Mat Bag For You

Which Yoga Mat Carrier is right for you? Read about how and why we designed all our bags with ultimate functionality in mind.

Building a Restorative Yoga Practice at Home

Love My Mat customer, Sarah Rogers, shares her experience using our products to help her develop and expand her personal yoga practice. "I share all this because my practice evolved so much in 2019, and it’s this evolution that led me to Love My Mat... as time passed, I found myself needing to hone more of the quieter practices of yoga and I began taking more restorative classes"

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