Navigating seasonal migraines comes with its challenges, so we have put together some tips about using remedies to cure symptoms and get back to enjoying your day!

Migraines can affect individuals to different degrees. For most, having one comes unexpectedly. Whether it is due to stress and anxiety or seasonal effects, it is a sign from your body, a reminder to slow down and tune in to a bit more self-care.


Migraines Remedies Relief Aid Rest Relaxation Soothing Relaxing Stress Pain Help Meditation Yoga Support From Home


Regular migraine symptoms can range from heavy pressure in the neck, temples, or behind the eyes – and in even more severe cases, migraines with aura may cause dizziness, fatigue, and loss of vision.

Keeping this in mind, we wanted you recognize that these tips for self remedies should align with whichever feels best for your body. These actions can be done at work, on the go, or even at home.

Below you'll find some of our go-to remedies that immediately help alleviate migraine symptoms.


By taking a short moment of time to enjoy soft movements, yoga is a fundamental tool to reconnect us back with our breath. Staying present and nourishing a headache by focusing on active rest can help to alleviate pain while also helping to reduce anxiety.

 Meditation Love Yoga Relax Child Pose Posture Meditating Restorative Decompress Aid Relieve Headaches Migraines Bolster Yoga Bolster

Child's Pose with a Vinyl Long & Lean Bolster is a great way to encourage active rest in yoga. In this posture specifically, we can offer support to our neck while staying present and focusing on breathing.


Walking is a fantastic low-impact activity that allows you step away from your desk and take an active break from your screen.

 Present Fall Leaves Autumn Enjoy Walking Alleviate Soothe Soothing Fresh Air Relax Relaxing Migraine Remedies

It simultaneously acts as a restore period away from digital devices and allows you to soak in some fresh air.

Even a walk as short as ten minutes helps to ground the senses and send a little bit of love (and crisp fall air) back into our bodies!

For many, migraine pain is aggravated by movement, which is why alternatively, we recommend options of practicing stillness to combat headache symptoms.


A personal favourite for relieving migraine pressure is meditating! All you need is a small portion of time that you can dedicate to yourself to slow down your internal momentum, release the busy chatter of your mind, and practice some stillness.

There are many different opportunities to practice meditation; whether your preference is to listen to a guided ten-minute breathing exercise or just sit in stillness, meditation will offer your body a sense of ease to just focus on your breath. 

Nap Sleep Migraine LoveMyMat Headache Remedy Relief Cure Aid Rest Relaxation Meditation Meditate Meditation Yoga Mat

You can begin by finding a comfortable position on either a meditation cushion, chair, or even laying down.

Oftentimes when we are stressed, we forget to breathe – I know, sounds silly right?

This tension held in the body, along with many other factors, can unfortunately constitute a headache. Meditation is a wonderful reminder to release all the tension in our bodies and the migraine that could have possibly manifested itself due to stress. 


A warm herbal blend can be just the remedy that you are hoping for. Make sure you include soothing ingredients such as peppermint, chamomile, or turmeric. Herbal medicine has been practiced as a medicine for a long time, and aromatherapy has been widely known to combat headache severity.

Consuming teas when you have a migraine can be a great alternative to drinking water. Many of us are often dehydrated, which can quickly become another gateway to a headache.

Nap Sleep Migraine LoveMyMat Headache Remedy Relief Cure Aid Rest Relaxation Tea Relaxing Calming Soothing Gifts

We recommend getting cozy with a warm tea as the weather continues to cool off. Even the soft ritual of simply diffusing tea and inhaling the scent alone can often alleviate the pain of a headache.


 If you have yet to experience the cooling, tingly, incandescent-like effect of Peppermint Halo from Saje – you are missing out!

Known as their best seller (and for good reason) here at Love My Mat, we love Sajes Peppermint Halo because it immediately relieves symptoms of headaches with its magic blend of peppermint, rosemary, and lavender.

Nap Sleep Migraine LoveMyMat Headache Remedy Relief Cure Aid Rest Relaxation Saje Peppermint Halo Gift Remedies Migraines Gift Ideas

Apply along the hairline, head, neck and shoulders, wrists and even the bottom of your feet!


Investing in a quality Love My Mat meditation accessory that you can depend on in your time of need is essential for peace of mind when you feel a migraine coming on. Therapy Bags offer a wonderful option to heat up and place on your neck.

Nap Sleep Migraine LoveMyMat Headache Remedy Relief Cure Aid Rest Gift Ideas Gifts Relaxation Grounding Pressure Relief Neck Pain


Use your Therapy Bag for a gentle sense of grounding (like a great hug) and accompany it with some deep breaths – an easy task to enjoy whilst drinking your tea!


Postures such as Legs Up the Wall, offer gentle variations of inversions that help to encourage blood circulation from the lower limbs. You can also add a Yoga Bolster or Blanket under your lower back to help support your lumbar area if you wish to remain in this position for a longer duration of time.

Nap Sleep Migraine LoveMyMat Headache Remedy Relief Cure Aid Rest Relaxation Yoga Restorative Relaxation Relaxing

Migraines are no strangers to creating eye pain. Sometimes the easiest way to rest is to simply close your eyes.


Eye pillows are a low commitment meditation accessory that comes in super handy in a pinch. They are large enough to rest comfortably over the eyes and forehead. We also add extra love by scenting the internal flax seeds with therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil.

 Eye Pillow Meditate Resting Laying Nap Sleep Migraine LoveMyMat Headache Remedy Relief Cure Aid Rest Relaxation

Lavender is widely known as another amazing aromatherapy scent that helps combat headache-related pain.



If all else feels overwhelming, a nap is always a great reset for your body. Close your eyes and keep an Eye Pillow or a Therapy Bag that has been placed in the freezer near your bedside so they can be your friends while you rest.

Nap Sleep Migraine LoveMyMat Headache Remedy Relief Cure Aid Rest Relaxation


A short twenty-minute nap can be enough to feel rested and energized and reset your mind, improving brain function. Lack of proper rest can be sure indicators that will lead to discomfort in your head.

Napping can help reduce fatigue and dizziness, and allow you to wind down to get relaxed. It can also help to regulate emotions if you’re feeling overwhelmed and is proven to increase brain functionality.

Don't love these ideas? Here a quick list of a few more migraine remedies that you might want to try:

  • Have a bath
  • Listen to some soft music
  • Read a book, stay off digital devices
  • Drink a glass of water


    Savasana Rest Beach Relax Summer Sand Rest Selfcare Hands Women Park Stillness Outside Beach Ambassador LoveMyMat lululemon Meditate Meditation Power Inner Zabuton Meditation Pillow Sit Pretty Fabric Outdoors Outside Summer Fall Seated Meditate 


    We hope that you find a new remedy for tending to your migraines. Relief comes in many forms, but the end goal is to be a better, less stressed version of you.

    Take care of yourself as best as you can, and take comfort in the idea that these activities also contribute to areas of self-care.

    Love yourself. Do Good & Feel Good.


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    Migraines are the absolute worst but I love some of your tips Sarah! I follow a lot of these things to help manage my migraines. I love peppermint halo from Saje too! It’s definitely a game changer. Holding a restorative or meditation practice regularly has probably helped me the most. These tips will definitely help others too :)

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