My Mom and I love working together. It has created an even stronger bond than I could have ever imagined. But we're always talking about ourselves, so I asked my friend, Steph, to tell us what its like doing yoga with her mom. She shares her story below.


Maybe you are new to yoga, or you are an experienced yogi, with many years’ experiences on your mat. Regardless of the length of your relationship with yoga, I bet you can remember your first few classes. Perhaps you were in the back row, trying to skillfully master your flow as you watch the bodies in front of you move in synchronization. Maybe you were a yoga-natural and mastered your flow in record time. I, however, was plopped in the front row of a busy class, with zero idea of what I was getting myself into. I was a complete newbie, whose exercise routine consisted of old workout videos and solo gym circuits. This was way out of my comfort zone.

Yoga with My Mom

"Everything felt foreign to me, except the person
standing directly beside me."

            My yoga journey began when we bought trial membership for the studio down the street. I was reluctant to join, but figured for the small investment I could at least make an attempt. Who knew this would open the door to not only an amazing stress reliever in my life, but an opportunity to find a strengthened relationship with my best friend - my Mom!

            For most of us, trying something new isn’t exactly the most comfortable of experiences, if not absolutely terrifying. New people, new terms, new methods of twisting my body, new ways of breathing, everything felt foreign to me, except the person standing directly beside me.

If the idea of trying a yoga class with a friend has crossed your mind, there are numerous reasons to get you both on your mats. For a start, doing activities with loved ones naturally strengthens social bonds, which have been scientifically proven to help us live not only more fulfilling lives, but longer ones too - and who doesn’t want that? When you have a friend who is going through the same experience as you (whether it be yoga, or anything at all) your connection deepens, because of the greater understanding shared between the both of you. Nobody knows the labour of holding a well-aligned downward dog than a fellow yogi. And this doesn’t stop once you leave the comfort of your mat, but carries outside the four corners you share in that space.

"We have also shared uncountable quiet whispers of encouragement"

            I can recall dozens, if not hundreds, of incredible moments we have shared on our mats. Sometimes our tree poses are a little too similar to trees in the breeze, as we wobble back and forth, and other times we are solid like big oaks, grounded deep into our foundation. We have had moments of defeat, when I have fallen face-first out of an arm balance, or when she has used me as her personal kickstand when balance has been lost. We have also shared uncountable quiet whispers of encouragement and victory in these same poses - “Look, I’m doing it!”

Not enough reasons to try yoga with your mom or a friend yet? How about these stats?
  1. Exercising with a friend produces more serotonin, literally making you both happier!
  2. Humans are naturally competitive. So having a friend beside you will inevitably push you to your edge.
  3. A buddy keeps you accountable for making it to your mat.
  4. Family & Friends make you feel safe. The body relaxes more when the mind feels safe.
  5. Building friendships results in a greater sense of belonging and alleviates depression.

    Having my mother at yoga has been the biggest blessing and perhaps the most significant reason I continued to return back to my mat each and every week. Who else would tease me for snoring in savasana or praise me for a wicked compass pose? I am beyond grateful for the whispers, grunts and bubbling laughter we have shared in that space. I am excited to share the same bond with my own daughter, who loves to yoga with myself and her “Mimi”.

    Yoga in the Park

    Yoga can be a very intimidating experience for those who have not yet started, those beginning their journey into this new world of wellbeing, or veteran yogis alike. I encourage everyone to bring a friend to their mat, or if you’re lucky, your Mom!

    So much love,
    Stephanie Weiler 

      April 24, 2018 — Shelley Gordon

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