It’s the beginning of September and though all the advertising focuses on children going back to school, for me it’s like the beginning of a new year. When I turn the calendar page from August to September, there is a definitive switch in air. The temperature is cooler, the days are becoming shorter and the energy is shifting. The fun, lazy days of summer have come to an end. It’s time to get back to a regular schedule of sleeping, eating & healthy extra curricular activities.

My September intention is to get back to a regular yoga practice. For me that means getting up before my kids 2 days a week for a 30 minute home yoga practice. Plus one night a week at the studio for a high intensity yoga class.
So what does Back to School & Back to You look like for you? There are so many things you can do for yourself, now that your family is getting back to its regular schedule. Here are some ideas whether you have kids or not.

  1. Put the kids to bed a little earlier to make time for a yoga practice in the evening
  2. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier on Tuesdays & Thursdays to practice yoga
  3. Plan an earlier dinner a couple nights and go for a walk afterwards instead of having dessert
  4. Hire a house keeper and use the extra couple of hours for preparing weekly meals
  5. When the sun sets each evening, make time for 5 – 15 minutes of seated meditation
Set an Intention

Whether you try all of the suggestions above or none of them, please take a moment to set an intention for the months ahead.
Do you need to slow down or speed up
What habits do you need to change for healthy growth?
Who do you need to spend more time with?
Where do you see yourself by the end of the calendar year?

Ask yourself these questions and really consider your answers. Then create a positive Intention that you can repeat to yourself whenever you feel you’re getting off track. 

Have a fantastic September and a joyous autumn. And here’s to finishing off this year as you’re best you!

Much love & gratitude,

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