While some people tell stories of falling in love with yoga at first practice, a yoga practice can be mentally challenging or even frustrating for other yoga beginners. Sometimes it can take time and just the right atmosphere to ease you into your regular practice. We’ve broken down suggestions on how enjoy yoga when you're just starting out. 


Curate a playlist for yourself with music you enjoy. It can be music designed to help you relax, or something fun that creates an uplifting atmosphere - your choice! If resting in Savasana is difficult for you, acoustic music or binaural beats can send you into a state of complete relaxation. 

Binaural Beats Yoga

Challenge Yourself

Practice your beginner’s mind - try postures that are new to you, maybe switch it up and use sandbags as weights with your practice - have FUN with it! Maybe set up at home with a self practice, following what your body is asking for in your mind. It’s a creative practice that fosters more mind-body awareness. 

Use Props

Sometimes a Yoga practice can be difficult to start if the postures don’t seem to fit our bodies. Give yourself permission to adjust the postures to suit you, find a teacher or online class that aligns with you, and most of all give yourself permission to use props like Yoga Straps, Yoga Blocks, and Yoga Bolsters to support your practice! 

Yoga Blocks; Yoga Props


Laugh at yourself! Don’t take yourself seriously - the practice is an exploration of body and mind. If you fall, give it a laugh and try again. If your quads are burning in chair pose, let yourself smile through it (guess what - studies have shown that even a fake smile can shift your mood!). 

Take it Outside

Take your practice outside - you get your mindful movement in along with fresh air, vitamin D, and that dose of energy and inspiration that only being outdoors gives. 

Yoga Outside  Stress Relief

Meet a Friend

One time where multi-tasking is great! Meet up with a friend for your practice and catch up after! This makes the occasion so you can get deeper connection with yourself through your practice, and also work on your bond with your friend through a shared experience!

All in all, make your practice work for you!

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