We are so excited to announce that our beautiful, sunny store front is now home to intimate, in-person yoga & meditation classes.

Yoga In Hamilton

We love supporting the Hamilton yoga community and are pleased to be offering live yoga classes in our shop. We are starting with a couple 4 class series starting at the beginning of every month in 2023.

In Person Yoga Classes in Hamilton, ON

Welcome to our Yoga Space

You can find us at 809 King St. East in Hamilton, ON. There is free street parking in front of our shop and on all the side streets.

Our open studio space can comfortably accommodate 8 students with enough space to move around as needed. You'll be greeted by a certified yoga teacher and invited to get comfortable on your mat.

You'll be giving all the Yoga Props you could possibly need because we want you to feel as good in each yoga pose as possible. You'll be able to use our;

Sustainable Yoga Accessories made in Canada

We suggest you wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat and water bottle. You're also welcome to bring you own yoga props if you prefer.

What to Expect in our Yoga Classes

All of our yoga teachers are certified and have a minimum of 5 years of experience teaching. We are all passionate about yoga props and design our yoga & movement classes about making you feel good with as much support as possible.

You can expect some standing postures, as well as seated postures. Our yoga classes might include kneeling postures or sequences, so we'll have Knee Pillows available for you to use. 

All in-person classes will include an extended Savasana (at least 5 minutes) because we know and understand the important of true rest. Classes also may include guided or silent meditation to help calm the mind, as well as the body.

Meet Our Yoga Teachers

Jenny Chester - Shop Manager

Jenny has been teaching yoga in-person and online for over 7 years. She completed her teacher training in 2015 at De La Sol Yoga in Hamilton. Jenny's passion is creating space with the intention of helping people reflect, replenish & become who they are truly meant to be. She includes thoughtful music, extra long savasanas and intention setting in many of her classes.

Join Jenny on Tuesday nights from 6pm - 7pm. Her class is called Mindful Moves. Where you can expect some beginner-style yoga flow, paired with floor movements supported with lots of props. And an extra sweet savasana.

 Yoga Teacher in Hamilton

Shelley Gordon - Founder & Owner of Love My Mat

Shelley has been practicing yoga since 1998 & teaching since 2008. Being active & dealing with injuries, Shelley has an acute physical body awareness that continues to grow with practicing & teaching yoga. She knows that yoga & meditation are powerful tools to restore balance & equanimity to our busy, over-scheduled lives. Through yoga & meditation, Shelley aims to build happy bodies & minds that live in a state of ease, lightness & love. She is passionate about sharing her joy of yoga, meditation, music, and movement with new and seasoned students alike. 

You’ll enjoy Shelley’s creative approach to making yoga fun & restful & full of love.

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Join Shelley on Wednesdays at 9am - 10am for Move & Meditate. This class is approximately 45 minutes of floor poses & yoga flows followed by 15 minutes of group meditation.

We're really looking forward to seeing you in the shop. Whether it's for a yoga class, meditation class or a personalized shopping experience to get the most out of your yoga props. Come see us at 809 King St. East in Hamilton. 

xo Shelley

January 24, 2023 — Shelley Gordon


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