I don't do New Years resolutions, but I do like to think of the start of the new year as a fresh page. A reason to re-evaluate my life, my patterns and habits, the people I surround myself with, my routines, how I'm fuelling my body, what I'm reading, watching, eating and the like.

In 2021 we all spent a lot of time connecting with people on social media instead of in real life. The good thing about social media and the internet in general is that we've been exposed to a lot more views than we normally would be. For me, it also means I've been inspired by so many new people and businesses. 

There was one meme or quote that really struck me when I saw it a few days before Christmas. It's one that I've been repeating to myself over and over lately without even being aware of it.

ASAP - not asap as in, "as soon as possible" but...

ASAP as in "as slowly as possible"

Right? Does it hit home for your too? Instantly I knew it would be my mantra for 2022. 

I have a tendency to rush things. I'm an overachiever. I like getting as much done in as little time as possible. I've often thought of moving slowly as a waste of time. But maybe I've been looking at it the wrong way? Because sometimes when I rush a task, I end up doing it improperly and having to re-do it which ends up taking more time.

We all know that slow is still progress. That our bodies need to slow down, need to rest for optimal performance. When I first started practicing restorative yoga I tried to "multi-task" by making mental lists in my head. But I ended up feeling restless. It wasn't until I let go of the need to be accomplishing something that I really started to experience the benefits of the restorative yoga poses I was doing.

Move slowly into the new year with restorative yoga and meditation

Slowing down will be my major theme for 2022.

This means for the coming year I'll be constantly repeating to myself, "as slowly as possible." Whether I'm practicing yoga, baking cookies, driving, cleaning or playing with my sons. This year I'm slowing everything down.

With this in mind everyday I will be practicing one of the following 3 tools for slowing down.

  1. Meditation
    Instead of the usual morning cuddles with my sons, we will wake up and meditate together as a family. A morning meditation practice can help boost your mood, improve focus and lower stress levels later in the day.

  2. Legs Up The Wall
    I will practice LUTW at night for a minimum of 3 minutes to slow my heart rate, aid in better digestion, stretch my legs and relieve sore muscles.

  3. Reading
    I have never been a big reader, but last year I committed to reading one book every month. (That's a lot for someone who used to read one or two books a year.) Reading at night helps to improve sleep, increase brain connectivity, improves vocabulary and fights anxiety.

What 3 things will you be doing to slow down in 2022?

This phrase got me thinking about all the other variations of ASAP that could be a useful mantra or a different way of looking at things for the coming year. Below I share all the ways you can think of asap that might help you live 2022 with more ease, less stress and a perhaps a little slower than you lived in 2021.

Slow down for 2022 with yoga and meditation

as slowly as possible

Practice yoga with slower movements. No need to rush. Enjoy doing one task at a time. 

as silent as possible

Be quiet. Listen more. Be okay with silence whether around others or by yourself. Try reading instead of TV. 

as stable as possible

Be the stable person someone needs. Create habits that make your life more stable and predictable. 

as steady as possible

Walk, move, practice yoga and speak with intention. Be steady with your movements and words. Steady your nerves with regular meditation or yoga practice.

as soothing as possible

Offer a soothing touch to a family or friend. Soothe yourself with gentle yoga or meditation. Soothe your inner gremlin with kind words.

as supportive as possible

Offer support to those who need it. Support your yoga practice with supportive yoga props. Support your growth with a regular yoga practice or meditation practice.

as sustainable as possible

Make more sustainable choices with your everyday products. Reuse as much as possible. Buy used whenever you can. Ask to borrow things from friends and neighbours.

The best yoga props for yoga poses made in Canada

My wish for you is that 2022 brings you more opportunities to slow down. More yoga. More meditation. More time with family. More intentional living. Sending you love and rest in 2022 and beyond.
xo Shelley xo

Recommend props for slowing down in 2022



Libby Yuill said:

Great message for 2022, thank you Shelley. I too think being slow is a waste of time and tend to move quickly, think quickly, drive quickly or at least prefer no one in front of me! 😂. I am going to keep this mantra in mind for 2022 and work to slow down, calm down, and restore my daily life. Happy New Year 🎊🎊🥳 and thank you.

Kimberly said:

Thank you for these restorative ideas for 2022. Will definitely be incorporating some into my day. Happy New Year

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