How many bolsters do I need?

How Many Yoga Bolsters Do I Need?

Love bolsters but not sure where to start when building your prop collection? Read for recommendations on how many bolsters you need for each style of yoga.
February 26, 2024 — Shelley Gordon
How a Bolster Enhances Restorative Yoga - Love My Mat

How a Bolster Enhances Restorative Yoga

Do you love Restorative Yoga? Then you need a bolster for your at home restorative yoga practice or to take with you to your local yoga studio.
November 18, 2023 — Shelley Gordon
How to use a yoga bolster

How to Use A Yoga Bolster for Beginners

Some notes on why you need a bolster if you're new to yoga, how to make one at home plus the best and not-so-common ways to use a bolster.
Slow down for 2022 with yoga & meditation

A Mantra for 2022 - ASAP

But it's not what you think. Not ASAP as in "as soon as possible" but ASAP as in "as slowly as possible." Perhaps you can develop this mantra for 2022, too?
Finding Your Yoga Practice - Love My Mat

Finding Your Yoga Practice

Sarah (she/her) shares her personal movement journey and tools that can help you feel your best self through your own mindfulness journey. Learn how yoga, meditation and our products can have a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. 

How to Use a Bolster, Blanket & Hand Weights - Love My Mat

How to Use a Bolster, Blanket & Hand Weights

Learn how to make the most of your yoga props. We share some of our favourite ways to use a Yoga Bolster, Yoga Blanket and Hand Weights to make your practice more peaceful.
Shelley's Benefits from taking CBD Oil

How CBD Helps Me

Shelley speaks to all the ways CBD oil is helping her cope with PMS, mood swings, sleep issues and her sex drive. And learn how taking CBD oil can helps your brain function by reducing free radicals.
Love My Mat Props Alternative Guide

Yoga Props Alternative Guide Part 2

Part two of creatively supporting your yoga practice at home. With the current influx of online yoga classes, and the need to stay home and stay safe, Kelsi Salisbury has put together another guide on making use of what you have at home to support you through your yoga practice.
Open Your Heart to August's Posture Challenge - Love My Mat

Open Your Heart to August's Posture Challenge

Join August's Posture Challenge with simple & effective exercises and poses you can do from home or anywhere. The rough plan is listed here and will be updated with new info at least once a week for the month of August.

Love the Love My Mat Long & Lean Bolster

Our bolsters were born from a need I found while teaching Yoga based rehab at a physiotherapy clinic for a couple years. The majority of my clients had tight chests and...