We love using weights to elevate our yoga practice but we understand that not everyone has had the opportunity to try them out or you may find them a little intimidating if you haven’t used them before. Don’t be afraid! In this post we will shed some light on how to integrate weights into your yoga practice. We think weights are great and we hope you will too!

How to use Love My Mat 10lb Sandbags

Sandbags are a great tool to integrate into your yoga practice. They are often used in Yin or Restorative Yoga practice. They enable your muscles to relax and your energy to feel more grounded. The weight of a sandbag can melt resistance and help your body experience passivity. Sandbags in yoga are underrated; they are the unsung heroes of meditation! Our sandbags come pre-filled unlike many other brands that require you to fill them yourself. They’re ready to go as soon as you get them!

How to use sandbags in your daily yoga routine.

  1. In Savasana place a Sandbag across your abdomen. You’ll find the weight of the bag anchors your focus and enables you to more fully absorb the benefits of your practice.

10lb sandbag on abdomen. 2.5lb hand weights on shoulders. 

  1. While in Childs Pose lay the sandbag across your lower back to increase pressure.
  1. If you’re searching for a bit more of a challenge, position yourself in Plank Pose with the sandbag on your bum and feel the intensity increase.

With two sandbags you open up even more possibilities. Ultimately two sandbags is better than one but there are tons of variations you can do regardless of how many yoga sandbags you have!

Use one on each thigh in Cobbler’s Pose. In Savasana use one on each arm to be grounded deeper or one on each shoulder to open up your heart.
Using them in a restorative twist can be extremely rewarding - one on the lower arm and one on the hip/thigh.


How to Use 2.5lb Hand Weights

Yoga with weights helps increase strength. It combines yoga techniques with physical culture practices. The benefits of yoga with weights are endless and include: muscle toning, strength building, circulation improvement, creates body awareness, elevates flexibility and addresses balance and coordination. Unique to Love My Mat, our 2.5Lb Hand Weights aren’t only good for yoga with weights, but can be used for Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga & more. These super versatile bags of bliss can be soothing or strengthening!

 Add 2.5Lb Hand Weights to your Yoga Routine!

  1. Balance the weights on your hands in Warrior 2 to increase resistance in your arms.
  2. Hold the weights in your hands while you do a calf raise and bicep curls.
  3. Place one on each shoulder while in savasana to open your chest.

As always please don’t hesitate to connect with us if you have any other questions about using our Sandbags or Hand Weights. The possibilities are endless! We’d love to hear from you and help you elevate your practice.

Love & Light,

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