Weighted blankets are becoming popular because they have the ability to help relieve stress and deepen rest. But not every weighted blanket is for everyone. For some, a large blanket covering your full body is too much weight. They may end up feeling too much pressure instead of relief. So we set out to develop a weighted blanket that is specifically to use in yoga practices.

For most people, adding weight helps to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. And so do many styles of yoga. Restorative Yoga & Yin Yoga are two of the most popular ways to encourage our bodies to rest. We these yoga styles in mind, we worked with certified Yin Yoga Instructor, Kelly Lightfoot to design a small weighted blanket that perfectly compliments Yin & Restorative Practices.

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Kelly share's her thoughts on why she loves Love My Mat's Mini Weighted Blankets below. 

Curling up with a cozy blanket can feel like receiving a big hug from someone you love. Adding weight can actually be more comforting and beneficial to your health. 

Weighted blankets have known success with anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD and autism.
Mini Weighted Blanket to reduce anxiety

I use a full size weighted sleep-blanket, to help me find stillness and feel grounded. This inspired the thought of using a "mini" weight for final rest or savasana in my yoga practice.  Typically the blanket has an even distribution of pellets to make them heavier.  This heaviness or weight allows you to pause and find stillness. We pause by simply arriving, an activity that is accomplished exactly as it sounds- you show up and stop for a bit.  This pause allows us to take a break, on purpose.  We pause to find a moment to be with ourselves, right here, right now, however we are showing up. This (feeling experience) is complimented with the weight of the mini blanket, because it aids in connecting you to the earth. Feeling grounded or connected means you are present in your body, present in the moment and is one of the tools we use to release tension in our bodies and in our minds. 
The weight applies “pressure therapy” similar to therapeutic touch, massage or longer held yin yoga postures with benefits being a calmness or full state of relaxation experience, similar to being snuggled, wrapped or held. Finding the right size and weight was what Love My Mat determined, using their design expertise.  The final product of 18" x 28" and just over 6 pounds of pure bliss.
Pressure calms you by activating your parasympathetic nervous system, which can help lower your heart rate, leading to the feeling of overall relaxation that is commonly experienced during savasana because the pressure of the mini weighted blanket helps prepares your body for rest.
Mini weighted blankets can be used to begin practice, enhance your restorative or yin postures and for final rest or savasana because they invite groundedness, an opportunity to feel centered and balanced no matter what is going on around you.
I am grateful and excited that Love My Mat has created this new tool for the benefit of all.


Much gratitude,
Kelly Lightfoot


Yin Yoga Blanket

Below Kelly's clients who have used the Mini Weighted Blanket share their experience...


Nancy B
"I use a full weighted blanket to sleep at night, but that size proved to be a bit unwieldy for use in yoga class.  The smaller one gives the same parasympathetic nervous system boost without being so hard to manipulate.  It just adds that extra feeling of calmness/relaxation to the longer held yoga poses." 
Anne N 
"Mini weighted blanket for savasana gave me a deep calming feeling.  Easy to place and move as needed.  The whole experience inspired me to purchase one.  Very helpful for sleepless periods during night." 
Sue B
"A mini weighted blanket releases the tightness in my low back during child's pose...when placed across my chest or pelvis, I feel an increased openness and calmness."
Kim G
"The weight of the blanket relaxes me and allows me to connect my physical body with my mental body."
Meditation Blanket
Love My Mat's Mini Weighted Blanket might be small, but it sure is mighty.  Filled with all natural Wheat Berries, your body will melt under the light pressure this blanket provides. The weight signals all the muscles in your body to let go and triggers your parasympathetic nervous system which keeps you calm.
Ready to try one for yourself? Find all our current fabric selections of the Mini Weighted Blankets here.

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