With spring in the air, it’s time to turn thoughts and actions towards planting seeds of change and looking at ways we can declutter the mind and the body to make room for growth.  If you are an avid gardener, you understand the importance of pulling weeds; their growth can become rapid, overtaking small spaces with such ferocity that it can create imbalance.  Weeds can be suffocating, toxic and stifle the seedlings from reaching light.  Weeds do not intend to do this, they just grow with such desire and intensity that before long, other plants have no space to shine themselves.  They behave the only way they know how and in the process, might not realize what damage they create around them.

Have faith

Spiritual growth can happen in the same way.  We can often suffocate ourselves with actions, thoughts and behaviours that are on the surface harmless, but prevent growth from flowing in an organic manner.  My own challenge has been learning when you move forward and knowing when to be still.  I have the tendency to suffocate things before they have had a chance to root out of sheer excitement, not knowing that I was overfilling the pot, overwatering the plant and stifling the natural rhythm of the growth the process. I get caught up in the moment, the emotion and miss the practicality of the situation; is it, right? Does this action/reaction create a sacred space for me or does it add to the toxicity? Am I honouring the natural progression of life or is my ego trying to control the outcome?

In the past, few months of my life I’ve done some serious detoxification.  It’s been a large learning curve and it seems to never want to end!  And just like a gardener, I’ve had to trim the things that drain me and give back nourishment the centre of it all; my heart.  Whatever situations create disharmony in the heart are like the dead ends of a plant, they draw nutrients away from the source and all that is left is stale, stagnant energy where life cannot move freely.

Last month we explored release in practice and this month I want to focus on the importance of what actions come next after letting go.  Once we shift one major perspective in our lives, there are always subsequent fall-outs and constant action, attention and dedication must be taken to keep life, goals and dreams into perspective.  Are you over your ex or are you still holding onto photos and texts for a rainy day? Have you forgiven someone who betrayed your trust or are you still moaning about them to your friends?  Growth takes time.  That is why we must be vigilant in watering our hearts and minds with things that give us life. Release. Forgive. Mulch.

watering your heart to help it grow

 Good friends and inching yourself out of your own comfort zone daily are small incremental steps to build rich soil. We can learn to use the lessons of the past to build a stronger, healthier and more sustainable space from which we can grow again. It’s not always easy work, as any vegetable gardener will tell you, but the reward is not the fruit, but the lesson learned along the way.  The satisfaction of the harvest itself.  

Much love,


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